PTFE Lined Valves

How Many Types of PTFE Lined Valves Available Across the World?

PTFE Lined valve is a combination of PTFE and valve. To understand the theory behind and the full functions to choose them better for the performance one intend to have it is compulsory to understand the history, origin and usage of valves.

Valve is originated from a Latin word ‘Valve’, the part which moves to turn the door on. Valves are used to control the flow of Liquids, semi liquids and gases of low velocity. In the process a valve can obstruct the flow, change the direction of the flow or can simply shut it down depending on the pressure.

Usually the liquids in an open valve goes from high pressure to low pressure and sometimes the pressure is simply produced by the gravitational force. Valves comes in many shape designs and with different work capacity designed specifically for the functions they tend to be used for. From a household to the aerospace tech. it is one of the ancient technologies and is in use by the human to control their water in households and air pressures in aerospace.

Ball valves are the most commonly used design of a valve consisting a hallow Ball made of metal or alloy as it suggests.

The ball connects with a lever on the side and can be turned 90 degrees to make the hallow lines aligned up to the both sides of pressure pipes where one of them having a high pressure volume and the other one having a low pressure. The liquid, gas or semi liquid then flows right from the high pressure to the low pressure area. A ball valve then can control the flow to be heavy or light by aligning hallow partially or completely as per the demand.

These type of valves are secure and trusted for the most parts in industrial purposes because of their durability and cost effectiveness. In some cases, one can use them perfectly even after a long time.

Ball valves having a capacity to bear high pressure up to one thousand bars and high temperature up to almost 400 degrees have been an essential part of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. They being the best ever safety wall between high and low pressures measuring high and low temperature which could affect the speed of industries have solely managed to bargain a huge role in industrial revolution. But a long used ball valve could not be enough strong a part when industrial structure is being changing every day and exploring other measures for fore effective ways which can easily be handled and work even more efficiently.

PTFE Lined Valves are the demand of future industry and we are the future of the industrial revolution which made ball valves a huge success. Ball valves being made of hallow metal ball had a capacity to fight against temperature and pressure but not the corrosion. Industries using high temperature and pressure chemical substance could never benefit from the ball valves made in past and so this was a need to make valves a little more responsive to the industries where they could be more beneficial to their support staff. PTFE Lined valves are made of PTFE material which is highly irresponsive to the corrosion and is practically friction free. Its hydrophobic nature makes it a perfect matched material to be used as hallow balls in valve lines.

A Few Types of PTFE lined valves serving out the nations are

PTFE Lined Ball Valves are units consist a PTFE lining and a cast steel outer body.

PTFE Lined Flush Bottom Valve are units with PTFE lining thickness of almost 3 mm minimum and used to flush out the liquids most of the time.

PTFE Lined Non Return Valve are the units using PTFE seal to make a non-returnable exit to the liquid even if the pressure both sides is same. This one has no control lever but works upon the pressure of in let side.

PTFE Lined Diaphragm Valve are used to control liquid flows with a PTFE seal with lever which can easily be operated from the upside. Such valves are usually designed and made specifically for an application required by the usage of a particular industrial need. Like to handle liquids causing high carrion rates.

PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve are famous for their cost effectiveness and budget friendly nature. Being easy to operate they are widely used n nonspecific areas. Areas where there is no need to control the flow of liquid are the specialties of a butterfly valve. Being a family member of quarter turn valves it needs comparatively less space to be fitted in two ongoing lines or at the exits of inlets.

PTFE Lined Plug Valve are although a bit similar to the ball valves, but are having a capacity of multi-functional quality. Whereas a ball valve has hallowed inside and can only align two bodies, a plug valve can join three or four different bodies at a time with its outlet power. A liquid can be directed from one port to the second, third or fourth port as per the requirement and demand.

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