How PCD Companies Can Improve National Healthcare

What is a PCD company? PCD companies are usually attached to larger pharmaceutical firms or acting independently with multiple brands. Their function is in propaganda and distribution of medicines. Today more and more pharmacy companies are opting to go with PCD pharma Gujarat for their specialization and to reduce their own operational costs.

But PCD firms are not just critical for small pharma firms, they have also helped in improving national healthcare. The rise of such firms has been part of increasing complexity of the market which has resulted in a more localized and affordable care. 

Bringing specialization

A PCD company is usually strictly involved in the propaganda and distribution. While some may also be involved in manufacturing, most firms specialize in the marketing side. This brings in a highly specialized staff into the pharmaceutical industry which is solely focused on the marketing of medicines. In the intensely competitive domestic pharmacy industry, this is a crucial support.

In fact, PCD companies have been just as instrumental in the global domination in international markets. With their resources, training and focus, they can achieve an insight into new markets that older established firms often lack or find difficult to cultivate.

Supporting smaller firms

The Indian pharma sector is quite complex and varied. We have excellent firms in big, medium and small sectors. However, the small firms often lose out to the bigger players because of their lack of resources. While they may have new and innovative products, they are simply incapable of marketing these as required. With distribution networks becoming increasingly localized, they find it difficult to manage a nationwide (or global) market with local delivery mechanism. This is where PCD firms come in.

PCD companies often form a symbiotic relationship with smaller firms. Sometimes they are attached to a single firm, especially when the company itself is quite small. Sometimes, one company may work with multiple firms. In either case, it gives a vital service to the small firm by marketing their products aggressively and across platforms. As distributors they are also key in expanding the markets for a small firm.

Promoting alternative cure

While the Indian pharma industry has established itself worldwide in the conventional medicine field, it also has a strong market of alternative medicine with naturopathy and Ayurveda. These can be the strength of Indian market. But many of the small firms in the field often find themselves incapable of competing with the conventional big pharma. PCD firms have been critical in supporting these firms, thereby promoting alternative cures. Today smaller Ayurvedic companies are finding new means of sustaining with PCD services. In fact, the resurgence in alternative medicine can be attributed in part to PCD firms.

Localized marketing research

PCD companies have brought in interesting innovations in marketing in the sector. Often belonging to the small sector themselves, these firms were forced to look for new ways. This was based on solid research in local markets. In many ways this has been one of the most significant contributions of the PCD firms. These firms were initially small in scale and usually in-charge of a limited market where they have many resources.

While the scale of many such firms has grown, the Internet has been just as helpful in gathering data. So, we now have data on drug usage, economic distribution, gender preferences, influence of various factor, competing firms as well as data on local healthcare professionals and centers.

Economical option

This is related to critical aid that PCD firms give smaller firms. The medicine marketed by such firms is often cheaper than alternatives provided by big firms. Many small scale firms provide us with branded generic drugs, a critical alternative to expensive medicines developed by large firms. PCD firms have been critical is marketing these economical medicines and to ensure that the prices can be kept low.


One of our biggest drawbacks has been the poor reach of medicines in remote hamlets and villages. Big pharma companies are rarely interested in these small markets. As result our poorest and most vulnerable rarely get proper healthcare. Even when they do, there is poor access to the medicines required. PCD companies with their small size and localized approach have been critical in this regard.