Why Skin Care Products Manufacturers Are On a High

Before we discovered a way to synthesise and manipulate chemicals in our laboratories, the use of herbs for skincare and cosmetics was the norm. Women and men have for ages used different herbs to create lotions and colours for the skin. Extracts from fruits, vegetables and herbs were dried, powdered, bottled and sold in little jars for all our cosmetic needs.

The change came when skin care products manufacturers started realising the potential in the field which till then had been run by a small number of specialists. These herb and cosmetic specialists used traditional methods that took care and time. They also used specially sourced raw material. These parameters, so essential for herbal-based products, were untenable for the fledging cosmetic industry.

The multi-national skin care products manufacturers needed products that could be manufactured efficiently, quickly and in large quantities. But it was the sourcing of herbs that was a much bigger problem. As their markets expanded beyond many national borders, a natural product was deemed too impractical. Hence, came the advent of beauty chemicals, from petroleum-based products to silicone.

The comeback

Just as we thought that chemicals had become our fix-all, the natural or herbal remedy market has staged a brilliant comeback. Natural products have always been around, only now we have heightened public interest and a thriving, competitive market atmosphere. Natural or herbal product spans the range in today — from luxurious pricey brands to more affordable products.

In fact, recent trends and studies show a clear consumer preference towards such products. Natural products are expanding rapidly in skin care and are slowly gaining popularity in the cosmetic industry as well. In fact, it was found that many people are actually willing to spend more if they were convinced of a natural product’s authenticity!

What are herbal skin care products?

Herbal skin care products, also often known as natural skin care products are produced by adding one or more herbs to a permissible cosmetic base. A reliable certified herbal skin care products manufacturer will ensure that even this cosmetic base is composed of natural products, such as beeswax or coconut oil.

Unfortunately, booming business has also given rise to some unscrupulous entrepreneurs who may claim natural products, but actually rely heavily on chemicals. There is often just a token addition of a herb or natural product, if at all. To be sure, always check the ingredient list and stay away from products that have a long list of chemicals.

To go organic or not?

Not all herbal products are the same. Apart from varying proportions, some companies also claim to be organic, meaning their raw materials are 100% organic. Typically, such brands also fall on the high-priced segment of the market. The question here is obviously whether they are worth the price tag.

Since these products use only organic material, their herbs and herbal extracts contain no pesticide. In other words, these products are truly chemical free. So, whether you should opt for a skin care products manufacturer or not depends on your budget and your commitment to a natural skin care regime!

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