Herbal Cosmetics

Herbal Cosmetics – A Booming Market


With the boom in the cosmetic industry has brought with it the diversification and dynamism in the industry. Today we have many contenders and many players in the industry. Apart from the usual established brands, we are also seeing the rise of herbal cosmetic manufacturers. This has further branched into specialized ayurvedic cosmetics manufacturers in India.

But why has this industry suddenly become a focus? When Ayurvedic principles of natural healthcare have been around for centuries, why are we now seeing a renewed push? The reasons for this are many.

Overall boom in the cosmetics industry

The Indian cosmetics industry is on an unprecedented boom. It has been on a roller-coaster ride ever since the markets opened up post-liberalisation. But as more and more international brands make their way into the Indian market, we are again seeing an impressive rise.

The Indian cosmetics industry is expected to touch $35 billion by 2035. In this, the herbal cosmetics industry will have a 12% increase. So, the rise of the herbal market could just be a reflection of the overall positive sentiment in the cosmetics industry. However, there are other factors at play here which will ensure that this growth will be here to stay.

Revival of the herbal industry

In the recent years we have also seen an impressive revival of the herbal cosmetic manufacturers. Apart from some of the big brands, a number of small businesses specializing in herbal products have also emerged. The reason behind this revival are:

  • The need to stand apart from the existing brands, most of which sell chemical-based products. Being herbal has become a desirable USP.
  • There is less competition in the herbal cosmetics industry. Where chemical-based products have flooded the market with big brands and international names now available at every supermarket aisle, the herbal cosmetic market still has some scope.
  • Government encouragement has also heeled to revive the industry. Under the Ministry of AYUSH the Centre has pushed for Ayurveda, which has positively impacted the herbal industry as well.

Belief in Ayurveda

India has always been one of the important centres for knowledge on nature based treatments and cures, thanks to Ayurveda. The herbal cosmetics market is a part of this. The average Indian customer, hence, has a deep faith in Ayurveda and its properties, which has benefitted the herbal cosmetic manufacturers.

Harmful effect of chemical-based products

This popularity is also in part because of the rising awareness of harmful effects of chemical-cased cosmetics on our skin and overall health. Tests have shown that many of the components of such products have serious long-term consequences like skin infections and even skin cancer.

The chemicals present in many such cosmetics are not harmful in small quantities.

But when we use these regularly, our skin absorbs the ingredients and these mix in the bloodstream, eventually effecting the internal organs. This is why chemical-based cosmetics are now being increasingly linked to health and skin disorders.

No harmful after effects

Where chemical-based cosmetics show long-term side-effects, herbal products are completely safe to use over a prolonged period. These cosmetics are made from completely natural elements, many of which are found in our home, like honey and turmeric. Long term consumption of these ingredients may actually be good for our health.

For instance, coconut oil found in many herbal cosmetics is extremely beneficial for our skin. It has anti-ageing properties that can help us combat signs of ageing, keeping it hydrated and soft. Aloe vera, another common ingredient, is known across many civilisations as a miracle plant, capable of keeping the skin soft and supple, while healing it from any scars or signs of ageing. So, herbal products not only do not harm the skin, these may actually be good for you in the long-term.

Available at different budget: There is often a misconception in people’s mind that herbal products are luxury products. But this is not always the case. Making herbal products need not be expensive and many herbal cosmetic manufacturers actually belong to the other end of the scale.

Today you can buy herbal products at a really wide price range — from the government-backed firms to big multinational luxury brands — there is something for every range and preference.

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