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Lock The Door With Quality Glass Door Fittings

If you are planning to renovate your existing residential or commercial space, pay attention to the doors, its accessories and fittings. Or of you are designing your new property, you need to think about the dooring essentials. Not only the walls and surroundings matter, the doors are really important to score high in terms of adding oomph to the classy looks! Previously it was the wooden doors, both single and double sheets, with various designs carved would be considered classy and was quite popular.With changing preferences and cost saving being the prime objectives, glass doors are the new trend. Also, these glass doors would generally be considered in office and commercial buildings but now these are becoming widely used in domestic homes as well. These are available in mirrored finish and also the ones which are transparent or semi-transparent with tinted hues, while some have some designs with polished matte effects as well. Moving on to the crucial factor, these glass door fittingsandaccessories are of prime importance. If you are looking forward to these glass door fittings and related items, get in touch with one of the leading and premium manufacturers in the market.

Things To Know

The glass doors are generally built by pasting the glass sheets one over the other. Even though superior quality glass is used so that it is not affected by minor blows, ensure that they are fitted to the walls with the wall linings properly. It is the glass door fittings, knobs and its screws and bolts that matters! These fittings including door locks and handles generally are built from stainless steel, which is unaffected by corrosion and abrasion. The stainless steel is what makes these durable and support the heavy glass doors intact.

A huge pressure is needed to be endured by these small fittings, whether it is a push in glass door or a sliding one. Also, in office buildings and secured access zones, access machines are fitted to these glass door knobs and handles. So, the fittings need to be of the perfect size and shape to grip in to the glass door. The manufacturer will be able to guide you on the exact fitting shape and size of the knobs and holders, locks, handles etc based upon the glass door you are considering for your room. These are available in varying colours to choose from.

Always remember, doors are the prime gateway to security, so choose the best items from the premium manufacturers only.

Different Glass Door Fittings

The glass door fittings and accessories can be summarised as below:

  • Handles and Knobs – The varieties include Type AA / DR, Type BB, Type 1 3 SQ, Type MATGLO, Type CT, Twins, Type 10 PS, Type RS etc.
  • Glass door supports, placed the angular sections of the door to hold it intact and allow successful rotation while opening and closing, and also for smooth gliding.

These are built from high grade stainless steel to keep away rust and corrosion, the shiny metallic hue looks absolutely classy when placed in glass doors with broad bordered linings. If you prefer a matte effect, that is also available with the experienced manufacturers!

Reach out to the experienced and leading manufacturers today for genuine and stylish products for your domestic or commercial space!

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