Preserve Energy And Protection The Planet With Solar Cables

The Sun has been worshipped since ages, The Sun is the underlying force of light and energy on Earth. It is thus important that the energy resources are duly preserved and conserved. However to bridge the gap between demand and supply of increasing energy sources, solar energy or solar power has been one of the greatest inventions of science. Whether in industrial or manufacturing sectors, construction or any infrastructural projects, cables and wires form a key requisite. Solar cables are greatly in demand as it is totally environment friendly. So, if you are looking forward to solar cables for your project so as to not hurt our planet, get in touch with the leading manufacturers in the market for genuine solar products.

Mechanism- The cables which are used for wiring the DC section of grid-connected wind or PV system is installed such that, it has the capability to withstand the environmental and voltage fluctuations at any wind current or any quantity of sun’s heat. Generally double insulated single core cables are used along with polarized weatherproof DC connectors which makes solar modules connect easily, also speeds up the installation process and removes any errors that might have occurred during the wiring process. It is to be noted that special tools are required for crimping of these solar cables and these require trained mechanical staff from the leading and experienced manufacturers of solar cables only.

Types – The most popularly used solar cables are as below:

  • Eland Cables Photovoltaic Solar PV1-F Cable – These are specifically designed for use in solar PV systems and are suitable for application areas in internal, external installations and conduit systems. These are expected to have a lifespan of about 25 years
  • Multi-Contact Flex-Sol Cable – These are single-pole and double insulated cables with a fine copper wire strand
  • Made up cables – These have a male and female connectors and are used to extend PV module output cables or as connectors.

Benefits- Solar cables function with the energy and heat of the Sun. It is one of the best and cheapest sources of renewable energy among other environmental sources. It does not incur heavy capital costs as those of tidal or geothermal energy sources. Again, it is quite predictable. It is estimated that with increased usages of solar power in solar cables manufacturers, the cost of solar panels as well as the capital price per unit of energy will fall which gives more space to investment opportunity. The benefits from the solar energy or solar cables can be summarised as below:

  • Solar cables require no fuel or moving parts. They make no noise or emit any harmful emissions, smoke, they are completely noiseless and harmless to the environment.
  • Solar cables require negligible maintenance, only the initial installation process needs to be done seamlessly.
  • The heat and rays of the Sun are basically a clean and renewable, energy resource which is definitely economic and cost effective in nature. The price of solar panels are going down and with decreasing prices, there is more room towards more research and development in the solar photovoltaics domain
  • In the environmental side, solar energy provides energy security with reduced emission of greenhouse gases and hence paves the path for a sustainable energy resource for the future generations to survive upon!

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