What’s The Best Way To Pick Interior Handles And Knobs For Glass Doors?

Makers and exporters of glass door accessories manufacturers are offering several types of interior door handles and knobs in distinct finishes and styles. If you have installed new doors, you can pick a lever handle on backplate, a mortise knob, or a lever handle on rose. When you select precisely, you can avail the perfect finish for both your new and already-installed doors. Right fitting and accessory will offer your doors a polished, finished and complete look that cannot remain hidden.

Door handle on backplate

A lever latch is a door handle placed on the plain backplate. There is also a keyhole on the backplate for locking door. For bathroom doors, the backplate incorporates a turn to lock the door from inside. You can avail distinct choices in many finishes to match your décor. Manufacturers are providing polished brass, satin brass, antoque brass, polished chrome, bronze, and satin chrome.

Door handle on rose

Door handle on rose offers more contemporary look and is often installed in modern homes and society apartments. Majority of levers are mounted on a circular rose, but today manufacturers are also making square roses. Designers are working on their ideas to bring innovative products like glass levers.

When door handles on rose are applied on locking doors, they are used with bathroom turn and releases. These are used to cover keyholes and work with mortise sashlocks and deadlocks. Bathroom turn and releases are to be applied on toilet doors and should have an emergency release function.

Mortise knob sets

Mortise knobs are mostly preferred by firms and corporate. These types of knob sets are often crafted with quality material and their design is intended by the best brassware manufacturers. Polished brass is still a classic choice to make. It is used in more traditionally styles homes. If you have solid wooden doors, antique finish bronze will look great with your classic styled interior.

Even cut glass is popular and often picked by people for their bedroom and bathroom doors. Modern designs look great with contemporary interior.

Other than brass and bronze, there are steel and stainless steel options available too. If you need any guidance or want to talk to experts, you can any time get in touch with glass door accessories manufacturers in your town. Your native supplier will provide you best guidelines to pick and maintain your door handles and accessories well.



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