Confectionary manufacturers joining the debate on muffin health benefits

People often consider muffins as a grab-and-go breakfast, but we would be glad to hear from confectionary manufacturers in India about nutrition benefits (if any) of muffins. Kids these days don’t like to play in the ground; blame on the hike in temperature. They are more dependent on the smartphone for entertainment; but this thing has affected on their body.

Due to lack of exercise, they don’t feel hungry and this is one of the reasons they don’t get enough nutritious diet. Some parents allow them to eat muffins in the morning. Now, the question is – eating muffin can be a healthy option or not?

Well, if you want to talk about health benefits of muffins; you should first meet these conditions.

Baking muffins feels like a heavenly deed. They are so sweet and yummy treat for the kids. You can make several types of muffins with different ingredients. Many uncommon muffin recipes are available online. But including excessive sugar to the recipe will make the deal unhealthy. Moreover, use of all purpose flour or maize flour makes muffin and confectionary products a waste due to zero fiber. Fiber is what makes you feel full and has more benefits.

Experts say that every meal you eat should have fiber. Most of the muffin recipes include zero fiber because they don’t use wheat flour. You can replace all purpose flour with wheat flour or oats to make the recipe nutritious.

How to make your muffin recipe super healthy and nutritious?

  • Replace maize flour with wheat flour – whole grain flour will give you lots of fiber content and keeps your tummy full for long time. It is super healthy option to pick.
  • Use a mix of maize flour and wheat flour – if you cannot replace your maize flour, you can mix some wheat flour to add fiber in the muffin. This will make your muffin grainy.
  • Limit sugar – use as low sugar as possible for making muffin. You may think how it will taste without sugar; you can pour some natural maple syrup on the baked muffin to make it sweeter. You can even top it with sweet fruits.

There is no such big deal to make healthy changes to your diet. You can make a healthy muffin treat for your kids and family by following above tips. Confectionery manufacturers in India are readily available to assist you. Contact them any time.

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