Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies – How to Select the Best One?

Ayurveda is that jewel which makes us shine globally. We can proudly say that we come from the land of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is natural way of curing diseases and not only cure it removes the disease from its very roots. World is coming towards Ayurveda at faster pace as it doesn’t have any kind of side effects and can be consumed along with other medications process such as Allopathy.

The market shares of ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies are raising as the demand of Ayurvedic products are increasing all over the world. The world has realised the goodness of Ayurvedic products and wants to buy them on regular basis. Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies too have understood this situation and are working hard to find the correct combinations so they may be able to produce some quality products and make a new brand out of themselves.

Myths Related to Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies

There is a belief among many that Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies’only produces medicines and equipment related to medications. Initially it was true, but with its continuous success in our native place and as well as across borders, ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies have now started to manufacture daily products such as oil, tooth pastes, facial creams, wheat flour and etc. The product line of ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies have immensely increased with popularity of its products.

Products by Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Medicines: All the major pharmaceutical companies usually manufacture medicines. It is the main product of every pharma company. Medicines not only include tablets and capsules but it also includes products like Chyawanprash, hair gainers and etc.
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetics products are mainly responsible for the success of ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies all over the world. These cosmetics are relatively free from harmful chemicals and are skin friendly. These products are used by all age people and are quite popular. Cosmetics product includes shampoo, facial creams, gels, tooth paste, compact powders and even lipsticks.
  • Eatables: Since the ayurvedic companies have stepped in the field of eatables it has witnessed new heights. They are now producing wheat flour, pulses, rice, cereals and etc. Many ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies have now certificates from food departments so that they can freely market and manufacture their products.

Marketing Strategies By Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies

Marketing is utmost important in today’s time as you may sell more through better marketing strategy. According to some reports, ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies are spending more on marketing than that of research and development of their products. In present scenario it is also understandable that marketing needs to be done to prevail in the market as there are numerous other products which are available in the market to fulfil the same purpose.

Prominent Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Himalaya: Its tagline says “Sabse Pehle” (use it first). One of the leading pharmaceutical companies produces shower gels, acne creams, tooth paste and etc.
  • Dabur: One of the most trusted brands. Dabur too mainly deals in Honey, digestive tablets, Chyawanprash and dental pastes.
  • Patanjali: Situated in Haridwar it boasts of having business of 10000 Crores and manufactures medicines and eatables at the same time.


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