Why You Should Not Consume Oral Medications For Acne?

Pimples can be painful and make you less confident. There are PCD pharma companies in India offering related prescription products to treat acne and other skin problems. People suffering from acne are always willing to spend their money to get a fair complexion. Around $2 billion is spent for treating acne by people every year. They treat their acne with oral medication.

Oral medication for acne works well as it tackles the root cause of your acne issue. Acne is caused by bacteria that clogs the skin pores and brings pimple. You should try these home remedies for pimples with no side effects. Oral drugs treat the bacteria internally and you notice results externally within four weeks. But for fast results, is it okay to neglect the unwanted risks of oral drugs?

Oral Medication

If you are suffering from moderate to severe acne, doctor will prescribe you short-course oral antibiotics that help reduce bacteria and combat inflammation. For instance, Doxycycline has anti-inflammatory properties but can make your stomach upset. This is why patients often consume this medication with food. Minocycline is less likely to cause stomach issues.

Since patients may develop resistance for antibiotics, these treatments are used for short period of time only – say three to four months as per the condition of the acne. These drugs may decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. If you are consuming contraceptives, you must tell your doctor.

In case you are suffering from deep cysts, you need more than antibiotics. Isotretinoin is a powerful medication prescribed for severe cystic acne or acne that doesn’t get cure with other treatments. Doctors keep the prescription for Isotretinion for patients who have gone under other medications and have not get respond. Most patients start getting results with one course of prescription, after about four months, and then keep the acne away.

However, Isotretinion has some side effects ranging from sun sensitivity to severe birth defects; dermatologists examine patients carefully before prescribing medication to them.

If you don’t wish to take a hormone like the birth control pill, spironolactone can be used as an alternative. This medicine has an impact on the hair follicle and starves the acne causing bacteria.

PCD pharma companies in India are suggesting people to avoid oral medications for moderate and normal acne. These types of acne can be treated with right diet and ointments. In severe cases, you can visit the dermatologist and avail prescription for oral medication as per your acne condition.

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