Brass Machine Screws Fasteners And Their Joints

Fasteners are the products used for attachment purposes. There are brass machine screws, auto parts fasteners, brass screws, etc. types of fasteners used to attach or join two or more parts together. Several designs of fasteners are available for residential and industrial use. They are used in clothing and industrial equipment.


Fasteners used by clothing industry are zippers, buttons, snap fasteners, and hooks. Industries use them in assembling equipment, furniture, automobiles, and vessels. Industrial fasteners can either design permanent or non-permanent joints.

Non permanent joint is the object capability to be dismantled without damaging it. This category includes threaded fasteners like bolts, screws, nuts, and washers. Screw is designed in a way that it is inserted into a hole which is either unthreaded or threaded. It can be fastened or released by simply turning the head. Bolts also work in similar way but a nut or washer is used to tightly fasten it inside the hole. You can find bolts in the joint parts of machines, computer table. You can find screws in doors.

A Few Types Of Screws-

  1. Hex head cap
  2. Twelve point cap
  3. Flange head
  4. Torx head cap
  5. and more

The most basic construction fasteners are screws and nails. These are purchased in bulk or in collated form held together with plastic, wire, or paper. Collated fasteners are intended for pneumatic nailers and are configured in coils or strips. These fasteners are held together at a certain angle and spacing. It is important that the fasteners you select should match the tool you decide to use, and the angle should be compatible as well.

There are some specialty fasteners as well. A performance driven crossover construction fastener is a hybrid between a nail and screw. It combines the benefits of both. These are intended for use in subflooring, wood or composite decking, fencing, railings, crating, outdoor furniture and a wide range of other construction projects. You can adjust them easily or remove them when required with least damage to the surface material.

For more details on fasteners and screws, you can contact brass machine screws manufacturers. Asian Fasteners Company is a leading supplier of fasteners that are used in machines, automobiles, furniture, etc. This article is intended for general purpose only. If you think it requires some changes, tell in comments. Feedback for this post is open for all.

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