PVC Cables India – Why They Are Considered Just Good For Alarm Systems?

PVC cables India are special type of industrial cables with proper insulation and other mechanical or physical characteristics. They are just versatile in nature and suits variety of applications. Based on requirements, PVC cables are suitable to work till the temperature 130 degree Celsius or more.

PVC cables India

These cables are highly durable with good molecular weight and free from any type of additives. One of the unknown or rare applications of PVC cables is alarm systems. Most of the people don’t know the fact alarm system contains PVC cable inside. They have low moisture content and results in low emission when exposed to continuous heat or fire. It avoids dangerous combination of harmful gases and flames.

The cables that are utilized for alarm systems are fire retardant and result into auto-off in case of fire. Also they are perfectly insulated to work and regulate in case of low voltage or fire. They are available in different shielded version or ducts are also attached along to make it more suitable for the application. It is also able to handle electromagnetic interference without affecting efficiency of cable.

Next is twisted PVC cable that can be used for telecommunication for video or audio signal transmission. They are popular for good transmission of data signals without any interference. Similar to alarm systems, they are suitable for other project needs or applications too.

PVC cables are just durable and highly reliable in nature. They are taken as one of the most versatile products that can be used almost anywhere. The most popular applications of product include – water supply, irrigation department, gas or chemical industries etc.

They have perfect insulation cover and able to work with harsh weather conditions. The corrosion resistant properties make them suitable for tough environmental exposures. To know more on PVC cables India and interesting updates for the same, you should contact right manufactured or suppliers for latest information.



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