Process Of Dehydration Of Garlic And Making Of Garlic Powder

The process of dehydration of garlic is simple and straight forward. Only 3 steps are needed for it. They are peeling the garlic, chopping it and then placing the chopped pieces in the dehydrator. Even the process of making dehydrated garlic powder with the dehydrated garlic is also simple.

Firstly, we consider the process of dehydration of garlic in detail. Some amount of aged garlic is taken. We get to know that garlic is ripe if it starts to smell. If the garlic is from our own garden we’ll know about harvesting.


Coming back to the dehydration process, firstly, the cloves are separated from the bulb. Then, the skin is peeled off. The root end of the clove is cut. For removing the skin part of the garlic, you can either age it or you can microwave the cloves for not more than 8 seconds.

If microwave process is chosen, then cloves should be soaked in cold water for 10-15 minutes. The main aim of dehydration is to remove the water content. But in microwave process, water is added due to which time taken to complete the dehydration process is extended. After removing skin and cutting the root ends, the cloves are neatly washed.

While removing the water content, care must be taken so that garlic juice is not lost. The flavor and nutrients are retained back even after dehydration. Then place the garlic in the process and maintain the required temperature. During the process of dehydration there a continuous conveyer belt which passes through the garlic slices.

Now to make dehydrated garlic powder, a food processor can be used. Other methods like pestle and motor method can also be implemented. Any grinder is used to make the dehydrated garlic pieces into dehydrated garlic powder.

The powder is made by crushing and grinding the dehydrated garlic pieces. All the pieces are neatly grinded so that no more small pieces are left. Dehydrated garlic powder is mainly used in butter spreads, ethnic specialty food preparations, crackers, meat products, blends, sauces and soups. Dehydrated garlic powder exporters maintain some quality parameters.

They are:

  • Supreme quality, good aroma, airtight packaging, fresh and pure aroma.
  • Good taste and rich specifications.
  • Different quality measures.
  • Processed under good hygienic conditions.

The domestic dehydration industries of garlic take meticulous measures for an outstanding dried product of garlic.

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