Manufacturers Are Making Comprehensive Range Of Blister Packs Using Machines

Blister pack is a type of packaging that is done with thermoforming technology. Manufacturers having blister packing machine are using thermoforming process that includes heating of plastic sheet to a temperature where it can be formed and molded into desired shape. The term “blister” is the pocket of thermoformed plastic that covers the products, such as lip balms, medicines, shavers, headphones, etc.

Blister packs refers to a variety of packaging that have a shell or a pre-formed plastic pocket that is mostly sealed to an adhesive coated paperboard card or foil backing.


There are many kinds and variations of blister packs in use in the market. We will discuss them-

  • Face Seal Blister

A flanged blister surrounding the product is heat sealed to a paperboard piece. The heat seal is on the flange where as the rest of the card stays bare/ uncovered.

This type of blister is common and cheaper if the company use it at high volume.

  • Full Face Seal Blister

Like face seal, this type of blister packs seal extends to the complete face of the card. This type of blister offers more durability and strength to the card edges and reinforces the hang hole too. However, this nicer blister costs more than normal one.

Your toothbrush, headphones, and majority of car perfumes come in this type of blister packing.

  • Trapped Blister

This is similar to full face blister packing, but there is no heat sealing done to the card. It is instead trapped between two cards. The top card is die cut and fit to the blister. As these blisters do not involve heat sealing, there is no need of expensive heat seal tooling as well.

  • Full Card Blister

In this configuration, the blister extends to the complete size of the card and then its flanges are wrapped around the card. This card is slid into place and sometimes secured with a staple. Most of the electronic gadgets use this type of blister packing.

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