Explain the Problems Happen to Cast Iron Bars and CI Based Components

Cast iron material is super sturdy and durable when good care and maintenance is done by the user. Products like cast iron bars are stronger enough in compression instead of in tension and thus, these are usually found in columns, but not in structural beams. However, CI castings are prone to rusting when exposed to moisture and, has several general issues that can be recognized by performing visual inspection. In this post, we will discuss the issues that user needs to deal with while using CI castings.

Cast Iron Bars

Some natural or inherent problems

General deterioration or corrosion of cast iron is a 1-step straight line process of rusting that starts on exposure to air and moisture and will continue if you don’t resolve the issue.

Rusting or corrosion is the frequent and easy to recognize form of cast iron deterioration. CI components are extremely susceptible to rusting when the humidity is more than 65%. Iron reacts with oxygen in the presence of water and forms rust. This process is done at different rate depending on the material composition, protective treatments applied and severity of exposure.

If rusting is not treated, it can damage the component and eat up the part completely. This is why observer needs to take quick decision after noticing rust on a cast iron. The probability of occurrence of rusting depends on two factors-

  • The degree of protection offered to keep metal away from the moisture.
  • The degree of moisture available in the air.

You can add protective coatings on iron. Effective coatings and well maintained CI castings are at lower risk of rusting and corrosion.


Cast iron has carbon in the form of graphite within its molecular structure. Graphitization can be happened in the presence of acid rain or sea / saline water. Graphitization is not a casual issue and is generally occur only after cast iron is left exposed for longer period, or where failed joints let the acidic rainwater to penetrate within the surface.

Coatings on cast iron bars can wear away, flake, crack, blister, or peel away, which indicates that the coating has failed and will not be able to protect the cast iron from moisture.

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