Pharma Marketing – Ideas And Innovations

Marketing is an important aspect for any product based industry. Marketing is also sometimes seen as an alternative word for advertisement. It is a well-known fact that marketing or advertisement is the most important part of any product sale. It is the advertisement that makes the product popular and creates a demand for it in the market.

Pharma marketing is very unique and needs quite a bit of innovation because of the challenges included in it. Pharma marketing is not similar to generic marketing. We have to make the new medicines and drugs popular among the medical practitioner community of clinicians, doctors, physicians, pharmacists and others.


And among the common people or the patient community, we can only advertise about the generic and simple medicines like paracetamols, ointments and antacids etc. that can be used without the consultation of the practitioner.

With these constraints and limitations at hand, the planning and strategies for pharma marketing have to be very creative and unique. Also the marketing must be done very carefully, advertising only the true facts about the product that are perfectly tested. Once a product fails it becomes a very big risk.

Pharma marketing has seen a traditional way of sending medical representatives from the pharmaceutical firm to the doctors with a detailed description of the new drug. These representatives also carry a few samples of the product as a free distribution to the doctor. This doctor is expected to prescribe the drug to his patients if he is satisfied with the features and affects.

One innovative pharma marketing strategy is to set up kiosks of advertisement that offer free health tips and simple checkups like weight, blood pressure, BMI and sugar levels etc. to reach the customers directly. The handouts issued at these places are a form of advertisement to the pharmaceutical company and also the new product.

Sample distribution to the customers along with other well established products can be another ground-breaking idea in pharma marketing. The well-known products of the same pharmaceutical company act as the medium between the company and the customers to distribute the free samples for user experience.

Participating in massive people gatherings as partners has become another newer idea being implemented in the present day pharma marketing. The number of shows where health awareness and fitness advertising happens are increasing day by day.

Runs, meetings and road shows based on the general fitness theme and sometimes about specific health issues like obesity, cancer, AIDs, autism etc. attract a large amount of crowd specific to that particular theme. This can be one best place to advertise about the product. And an official partnership with such event organizations can prove helpful in a very fruitful way.

This way pharma marketing has seen many ideas and innovations in the advertising field in the recent times.

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