Sugar, The Only Alternative For The Problems Of Castings

Casting method is one of the well known and the oldest methods in India. The foundry and the metal casting industry are multi dollar and multimillion industries with all the shapes and the sizes which are located around the world. Metal castings can be considered long ages back with the invention of the Roman emperor and thus were used to develop tools and weapons which were critical for the construction of the human civilization.

The common method used in casting is the sand casting method. This involves the using of the sand for holding of the shape of a part. Once, the sand is shaped in the molten metal is poured in the sand molting part thus forming the final part. So, how does the sand stay in the place once when the molten metal is actually poured into it? In the sand casting method, a chemical binding agent is essential for holding of the shape and a part of the sand thus, similar to the construction of a sand castle. You simply cannot construct a sand castle out of dry sand. In that case, you need water to hold the sand together.

The green sand used in the sand casting method actually contains a silicate as the bonding agent. But, there are some foundry methods which contain chemical binders. The major drawback of using the chemical binders is that they affect the chemicals which people have on the environment. Whenever a molten metal is actually poured in the sand, the intense heat burned, produces some chemical releasing toxins which are not appropriate for the health or also the lungs. Thus, they have the presence of the harmful toxins which destroy the normal functioning in the body.

Recently, there was news that the Researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) have actually filled for a patent based on a different yet less traditional chemical agent. The agent in the OSU has also considered that they are able to withstand the demands which have no negative effects.

Thus, the answer to this is sugar. Yes, that’s the correct alternative you have heard. Sugar is the only solution for all the solutions that can create problems about health and various other related issues. Although, the sugar has been used loosely in many situations, but it has not been viewed as an acceptable gent. That’s the strangest part of the story. The casting companies in India have become a central hub for the iron ores in India.

Recently, sugar became the plausible agent which is due to an accidental temperature that helps in setting of the chemicals. By the usage of the sugar and many other components, sand casting is still considered in the research and the development area. But, this is well on the way to the foundry floor. Thus, the Oregon state researches have considered that patents are seeking investors in the expansion of the technology. If there is a chemical bond which is made so much available, then we have many different techniques for the same.

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