Grinding Oil Seeds Using Hammer Mill Crushers

8 Hammer MillsCrushers are a common machinery used with a wide range of applications. Several industries including the grain milling, ethanol production, and fruit juice production, ore crushing and other industries make use of crushers.

Hammer mill crushers are a commonly used model of crushers which see a usage in almost all the crushing uses. Its mechanism of work is suitable for almost any kind of a material to be crushed. Also the basic principle underlying the in the working of hammer mill crusher is based on the age old manual crushing style, which suits all materials.

Operation Of A Hammer Mill Crusher

It is always interesting to know the process beneath any equipment we use. The hammer mill crusher shreds or crushes aggregate materials into tiny pieces by the repeated blows of tiny hammers.

The basic model of a hammer mill crusher is a metal drum (preferably made of steel) containing a shaft in either vertical or horizontal direction. On this drum are mounted tiny hammers sometimes made of metal and sometimes stone, depending on the need.

The rotor of the hammer mill crusher is rotated with a high speed while the input material is fed into the feed hopper. The impact of the high speed rotating hammers breaks the aggregate material into tiny pieces.

Screens of a selected size are placed in the drum of the hammer mill crusher. This screens filter the crushed material based on the required size.

Hammer mill crushers of varied sizes and capacities are available. Tiny machines for household purposes can run with the normal currents. But most of them need a high voltage because of their high power requirement and industrial nature.

Oil Seed Grinding

Oil seeds are one field where in a hammer mill crusher is put to the best use of its features. It is a necessity in the oil seed industry that the seeds are crushed for extracting the oil. Hammer mill crushers have proved so useful that special features are added to the crushers’ basic functionality and new models have been designed just to fulfil the purposes of the oil seed industry.

In the traditional way of oil seed crushing, the seeds are forced through a tiny silt in the crusher churned by animals through multiple rotations. In the modern world this method become inefficient and creates a lot of wastage even if mimicked using machines.

A more efficient way is to use the hammer mill crusher for grinding the oil seeds.  This approach increases the quality ratio of seed to oil to a large extent. Seeds like the cotton, copra, groundnut soya beans etc are crushed using hammer mill crushers.

Other advantages of using a hammer mill crusher include the facility to choose the extent of fineness needed using the filters as per requirement.


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