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About Preventive Maintenance Services Offered By Square Cooling Tower Suppliers

Many suppliers and manufacturers of square cooling towers and industrial cooling towers are offering preventive maintenance services to enhance the operating life of the cooling system. These services help in reducing the potential for unplanned downtime due to failure of equipment and keep it operating at high efficiency. You can avail these services as per your preference and operational requirements. There are experts in the market offering customized services on request.

The services, needed to maintain a piece of cooling device, are majorly a function of quality of the water and air in the place where these are installed.

Coling Towers Suppliers intend their range for different industrial clients

Air- the most dangerous environmental conditions are those with unusual contaminants of industrial smoke, chemical fumes, heavy dust, or salt. These airborne impurities enter to the system and get absorbed by recirculating water and create a corrosive solution.

Water- It becomes dangerous when water evaporates from the equipment and leaves the dissolved solids behind. These dissolved particles or solids may be either acidic or alkaline, and highly concentrated in the circulating water. This can further develops scaling or accelerate corrosion.

The level of the impurities present in the water and air determines the requirement of maintenance services. It also helps in keep checking and handling the water treatment that can vary from a simple continuous bleed and biological control to a decent treatment system.

You must be able to perform weekly inspection of your cooling tower. The monthly inspection should include cleaning the pump sump screen, check belts, bearings and motors, tower structure, chemical levels and the brakes. You can also request for water testing on closed loop towers. The bi-annual inspection of your towers should include testing of the water nozzles. All the issues and deficiencies need to be addressed during the testing of the cooling tower. It is also important to have more set of tower belts.

The process of maintenance

Keeping and maintaining the cooling tower clean is important and especially when you are using it. In every six months, a cooling tower should be cleaned and drained with the help of power washer. Algae and mineral deposits are common issues in some parts of the world. You can follow certain procedures that are initially designed and developed for cooling towers-

  • Visual inspection – While beginning the cleaning process of cooling tower, you need to visually inspect your cooling tower equipment. This thing matters a lot as you can easily remove visible debris at the same time. Many times it happen when the leaves and sticks get sucked up and debris are caught in the header.
  • Power wash – If the tower is drained, you must disconnect the drain from the piping to treat clogging. Make sure you cut the water supply before starting the power wash.
  • Sump screen– It is placed inside the tower. You need to clean the screen properly to assure the maximum water flow to the sump pump.

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