Designers Bring Top Commandments Of Wearing A Saree

Every Indian girl had a dream of pulling off the perfect saree look. Women usually buy sarees online in India nowadays. Sarees are elegant, beautiful and ethnic attire that you can wear in wedding, family get together, dates, hang out, kitty party, or even official meeting. This nine yard wonder drape dress makes woman feel comfortable and also gives a sensuous appearing by highlighting her curves.

Designers bring top commandments of wearing a sareeYou can find a wide variety of sarees at online and offline stores. It hardly matters if you are 50 or just 18, saree looks perfect on slim to curvy body type women. However, it can take a longer period to learn and master the art of draping sarees, but when you regularly practice wearing saree, you will get the technique right. Believe us, it is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to understand your body, fabric, and accessories.

1. Match the fabric and make sure it suits your body

It is very crucial thing to decide which fabric will work well on your body type. Skinny girls can get major advantage as they will look great in both stiff and flowy material. However, chubby girls can pick lighter fabric like cotton.

2. Perfectly aligned pleats is the key thing

If you are able to align the pleats perfectly then you are just one step behind mastering the art of wearing saree. Once the pleats are adjusted, you can work on pallu and get the ethnic look in just a minute.

3. Choose the best pallu drape

Pallu goes over the shoulder. You must decide how to drape it. Chiffon sarees look elegant with single layer pallu draping. Bandhej looks good when you drape it in Gujarati style.

4. Less is best

Spend your time to decide right earings instead of whole set. Wearing everything will cover the charm of your saree and you won’t look as best as you should be. Wear lesser accessories. Earings are most visible things, so pick the right set accordingly.

5. Play with blouse design

Though women always try to keep it simple, but they don’t know that they can be stylishly simple. They just need to search few designs for blouse and tailor made it. Saree blouse is an important part, so make sure you select the ideal design that suits your body type.

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