Testing Of Concrete With Specialized Equipment

You cannot just overlook the need of concrete testing equipment’s as these are the tools that experts use to test concrete structures when the concrete gets hardened to determine whether the structure is ideal for its designed use or not. Moreover, this testing should be done in such a way that it should not damage the concrete.

Testing of concrete with specialized equipment

The crushing of the cement specimens is the usual destructive test used by experts to assess the concrete strength. Non-destructive methods, such as rebound hammer test and ultrasonic test can be used as these tests do not harm buildings and let the experts to make an inventory of structures and conditions.

Destructive testing determines failure mechanisms to find the mechanical properties of material, like compressive strength, yield strength, ductility, tensile strength, and fracture toughness. Non destructive testing (NDT) methods determine indications of properties without reaching assembly or component failures.

Surface Hardness Methods

NDT methods are non invasive procedures that investigate strength characteristics of material. There are two categories of methods used for defining concrete surface hardness techniques- indentation methods and rebound methods.

Rebound hammer test is widely used surface hardness procedure. It offers a simple, easy and affordable way to estimate concrete strength properties. The results of the concrete test are affected by several factors like surface smoothness, geometric properties of test specimen, age of the test specimen, type of coarse aggregate, cement type, mold type, etc.

Future of NDT Methods

Development of new materials, enhancements in sensors and miniaturization of devices are paving the way for latest NDT methods. Data fusion techniques are being developed to integrate available NDT methods. NDT methods are gaining acceptance across the world at faster rate. It seems like experts are admiring these methods for acquiring precise results.They are also using premium concrete testing equipment to cope up with technology based machines to determine concrete strength.

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