FRP grating

Keep Yourself Protected Against Slippery Platforms With Fiberglass Grating

The floor grating is one of the popular structures that are used by architects for construction. Whether the FRP grating is made of steel or aluminium, user can avail better grip to the feet. However, in chemical, moisture or acid factories, cement platforms get affected and become slippery, which further promote accidents. To protect your workforce from the risk of accident, you can cover the floor with fiberglass grating.

No one can deny that conventional grating products are unfit for many environments. These are non resistant to acids and chemicals. Steel and aluminium gratings are also affected by corrosion. To combat these issues, fiberglass structures come into existence to lower the chances of mishaps at factories and industrial belts. These are inexpensive and withstand ever-changing environmental conditions.

Process To Fabricate Molded Gratings

Molded gratings are made of glass fibers. Resin is injected in the mold and curing is done. After curing process, manufacturers remove the mold panel and its top surface. The obtained molded FRP grating structures possess great strength and are lighter in weight. These are exceptionally good at resisting moisture and corrosion.

Pulrtuded Grating Process

Pultruded grating components are available at hundreds of stores in distinct sizes, depths, and thicknesses. These gratings are used and installed at the places where surfaces have a good contact with oil or grease.

Benefits Of Using Composite Grating Structure

There are many advantages of installing composite structures in the industries-

  • Non-slip surface

Fiberglass composite gratings possess anti-slip feature. They lower the risk of accidents in industrial areas.

  • Requires low installation

Composite gratings do not need special attention or maintenance. They fit perfectly on the floors with minimum tools. Also, you require 1 or 2 persons for help in installation. Another great thing about gratings is that there is no need of welding.

  • Light and strong products

FRP gratings are lighter yet stronger products. These products are effective components to make framework durable and strong.

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