The Various Types and Advantages Of GRP Gratings

GRP molded grating or fiberglass grating is actually fiberglass reinforced plastic grating. It is a material manufactured by the composition of resin and fiberglass. GRP gratings in India have been quite popular as it does not corrode like steel gratings and is used in corrosive environments which reduce the maintenance cost. It has a variety of applications which include walkways and overhead platforms.

GRP molded gratings are broadly classified into two parts on the basis of its manufacturing process:

Molded gratings:

These are manufactured in the following process.

    1. Laying or weaving glass fibers: This includes laying glass fibers in the mold in vertical and horizontal directions and is thoroughly witted by desired resin.
    2. Heating and curing: After the completion of weaving the mold is heated for curing the panel.
    3. Ejecting the panel: This is the last process where the panel is ejected from the mold.

Pultruded gratings

The process involved in this type of molding is mentioned below.

      1. Resin impregnation: Selected materials of reinforcement like fiberglass roving, mat, woven or stitched fabrics are drawn through a bath of resins or a resin impregnation zone where a glass substrate is impregnated by a mixture of resin.
      2. Performing and forming: This molten fiber is given a desired shape as it initially gets pulled through performer and then through heated die Inside the die resin curing process goes on. The laminate solidified to the exact shape of the cavity in the due.
      3. Cutting: An automatic cutter is deployed at the end of the machine to cut off the pultruded GRP to any desired length.

Some of the major benefits of having GRP grating are mentioned below:

  •  Corrosion and fire resistant: These are designed to withstand damage from industrial chemicals and environmental factors and fires. Unlike other metals, it does not corrode. GRP can withstand continuous submersion, splash pills, fumes or gases, and still maintain its integrity.
  • No maintenance: These GRP molded gratings in India as well as other places are resistant to rusting, corrosion or fading and hence doesn’t require any painting or sandblasting. They survive harsh sun because of a synthetic surfacing veil creating a resin rich surface that gives UV protection.
  • Non-skid: GRP flooring products have a range of different anti-skid properties that are not limited to embedded grip, post cure grit, concave or chequered plate. These surfaces are extremely durable and give a much higher level of slip resistant than steel. It is exclusively designed to be long-lasting. Our GRP floors last longer and provide a safe walking for both staffs and the customer.
  • Thermally/Electrically non conductive: GRP molded gratings in India are non conductive unlike steel and has high dielectric capability making it suitable for the electrically hazardous location. GRP is also a thermal insulator.
  • Weight and variety: GRP molded grating is just 2/3 weight of aluminum and ¼ the weight of steel which makes it easier to lift fit any purpose and reduces the cost of transportation. A wide range of colors are available since these polymers are reinforced and colors are mixed straight through.
  • Installation: These products do not require any kind of welding or high machinery or engineering works for its installation. The ease and speed of installation and lack of maintenance required and long lasting durability make it cheaper.

GRP gratings in India are growing more popular day by day because of their low amount of expenditure on them. They do not require maintenance and sustain to harsh conditions. These are a beneficial installation that keeps helping for a long period of time at low expenses. Hence these seem to be an advantageous step.


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