How PCD Pharma Is Growing And Providing Industrial Benefits

PCD is an acronym for Propagation-cum-distribution and is a marketing tool that is used in the pharmaceutical industry. The whole concept is based on the marketing and distribution of the products under certain authorized rights.

Purpose of PCD Pharma Companies

PCD pharma in Ahmedabad is the group of those companies which provide products to their franchise partners and also the monopoly of marketing and distribution rights for the given geographical area or location. The individual or group who receives the marketing rights from these companies are called “franchise” or franchise partners”.

History of PCD Pharma Companies

PCD pharma companies have existed for a very long time but the growth and development of new drugs in years brought a great amount of importance of these companies. In the 19th century with the growth and widespread use of insulin and penicillin brought a lot of pharma companies to the market. Similarly when a new drug is found which helps in curing some disease more and more of these companies start.

What They Provide

These types of companies provide a lot of medicinal drugs to their franchise/partners as well as to the people across the area in which they based on. These generally include:-

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Injections
  • Syrups

The Primary Difference With Other Retailers

The main difference between these types of companies and normal retailers are pharma companies only have rights for a small geographical area and outside that area selling of the drugs by them could lead to legal actions against them while other retailers don’t have this restriction. The order delivery in case of a pharma company is faster as compared to other retailers. The pharma companies act both as a supplier to other franchises as well as a distributor to the general public while supplying of medicines in case of retailers is only restricted to the ones they own meaning to the other branches of these retailers and thus it makes them reliable.

PCD pharma in Ahmedabad is a growing industry which although has its roots in the pharmaceutical business for 200 years but the fact that new medicinal drugs are being discovered in every few years their relevance in this industry still remains the same. The fact that they are able to distribute these medicines to remote areas where getting medicines otherwise is a difficult task also works in their favor.

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