Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Process Operations

Forged rolled rings are created using moved ring forging. Moved ring manufacturing is the procedure that begins with taking a metal that has been converted to a frame of “doughnut” molded piece. After that, the produced piece is heated over the recrystallization temperature and afterward kept over the mandrel roll. The doughnut-shaped metal is provided by utilizing “open die forging process”. The raw material or metal is kept between the walls of two dies. Then pressure is applied to it in such a way that it decreases in height but expands along the width forming a doughnut shape.

There are 6 stages to create a rolled ring by open die forging process and rolled ring manufacturing process:-

  1. The metal block is kept between the two dies and pressed to flat to a little bit (as required).
  2. Now the workpiece or metal is punched in the center to give it the shape of a stout ring or doughnut. This process is done with the help of a Shear punch.
  3. This doughnut-shaped metal piece is known as a preform. Now, a uniform moving force will be applied on both sides (i.e. inside & outside) of the doughnut-shaped preform.
  4. This uniform moving force or weight is applied with the help of ID Roll and OD Roll.
  5. Due to the weight applied on the preform, the diameter across the workpiece expands.
  6. Finally, the metal product having the shape of a rolled ring is produced.

Specialties of Forged Rolled Rings

  • The weight of the Forged Rolled Rings is from 100 Kg to 5000 Kg.
  • These rings are accessible in an unlimited number of sizes.
  • Proper heat-treatment and testing are done.
  • The forged rings of any forgeable metal or material can be manufactured.

Specifications of Forged Rolled Rings

  1. Reliability:- For making rolled rings, a high temperature is required, that means the grain design is utilized to give the workpiece more quality and obstruction when contrasted with alternate parts.
  2. Wider Scope of Materials:- The manufactured forged connecting rods are comprised of a forged material that might be compounds, carbon, tempered steel and aviation metal. In this way, we have an assortment of forged metal from which we create rolled rings.
  3. Strength: Forging will give a metal, the preferred quality over other segments and it likewise keeps up the metal quality at high-temperature change.
  4. Better Under Heating:- It winds up less demanding for the client to anticipate that how rolled rings respond to heat as compared to other parts. With forging, the client is certain about the heat it can withstand however with other methods, the client needs to give a proper and limited supply of the heat to avoid the workpiece from melting and other deformations.
  5. Cost Viability:- These forged rolled rings are fabricated at exceptionally low cost than other products as a result of the less machining required for the manufacturing of the forged rolled rings.

Above are the particulars and strengths of forging manufacturing process. Nowadays, forging is the best option among other choices to make a rolled ring.

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