Non Destructive Testing

Common Non-Destructive Testing Methods

Non-destructive testing is widely utilized by industries to evaluate metal properties to avoid any serious damage in future. This is taken as one of the most cost effective testing techniques that save time and money both. The technique makes sure that mechanical and physical properties of metals are maintained in safe and reliable style.

There is special Non-destructive testing equipment to check discontinuity or cracks in materials. These materials are responsible for final shut down or any product failures. The equipments also check performance of product under stress and high temperatures. Sadly, sudden product failure may result into heavy economic loss or productivity slow down. This is the reason non – destructive testing methods are used consistently by industries to maintain confidence in product quality and its services.

In this blog, we will discuss on some of the best non-destructive testing methods and how they create safer world around you.

  • Optical testing technique

This testing method is good to check surface discontinuities that could affect working of machine adversely. Even after following well defined manufacturing process, there are few defects that are not visible to human eye. You need special tools or techniques to visualize these defects. Non-destructive testing equipment just works amazing here.

  • Ultrasonic Non-destructive Testing

The ultrasonic testing is performed on metals where cracks are not visible at all. The process not only detects cracks but it calculates depth of cracks too. In this way, crack handling gets much easier and product can be maintained in best possible way.

  • Magnetic testing

The testing is performed on iron components to judge effect of magnetic field in worst conditions. The testing will check flow of magnetic current and irregularities at surface of materials. Scientists are always in practice to develop most amazing NDT methods that can help your industry the most.

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