Role of RO Plants in Rural Areas

The Constitution of India declares thatit is the duty of the State Government to provide clean drinking water and improve the health of its citizens. Yet, more than 96 million people have no access to safe drinking water. A large portion of this lives in our villages. The scarcity of water is only compounded by the severe lack of infrastructure support to ensure regular and reliable supply.

However, things are finally changing now. The government has, at least on paper, made higher investments in this regards. More importantly, it is now partnering with private RO plants manufacturers India to look for viable solutions. This is an extremely welcome news as it may be instrumental in spreading our economic resources in places where they are sorely needed.

Market Dynamics

While there is a decided social advantage, the move to the rural sector is also about smart marketing for private companies. With many State governments offering incentive for rural expansion, this provides a perfect opportunity to take advantage of such moves. Many firms have moved to rural area as a result of partnerships between public-private sector.

It is also an inevitable market dynamics. As the urban areas become saturated, the RO firms were looking at expansion in Tier II cities and rural areas. The density of population and hence, demand is lower. But the lack of competition means that the early bird is perfectly poised to establish presence in a virgin market. These areas are still high on potential market value.

The rural market is billed as the next big thing. In fact, consumer demand in rural areas has grown faster than urban centres. Many RO companies, including big corporations, are now focusing on penetrating this lucrative sector.

Need for Rural plants

There is a dire need for RO plants manufacturers India in rural areas. The severe crisis of drinking water in some areas has created social and economic disorders. Some of these are:

Polluted groundwater: There is a severe lack of availability of safe drinking water in rural areas. While some villages may have municipal water supply, many still depend on groundwater supply. Unfortunately, both these sources are unfit for consumption. Use of fertiliser in irrigation and other activities like mining has polluted the groundwater supply in these areas. Even sources like rivers face heavy pollution near human habitats like villages.

Health disaster: It is estimated that more than 96 million people in India have no access to clean drinking water. According to the international NGO WaterAid, over 186,000 children who are less than five-years-old die due to diarrhoea related causes. The chief reason behind this is the lack of safe drinking water. The heavily polluted water and ignorance of sanitary practices has brought about severe rural health crisis.

Water scarcity: Many remote and rural areas face a severe shortage of drinking water. There is little or no municipal support and traditionally, the villages have been dependent on groundwater supply. Even in areas that are close to water sources like coastal villages, the water is not safe for drinking. RO plants manufacturers India can help in bridging over this crisis by providing safe drinking water.

Strain on women health: In many village of India the supply of safe drinking water is simply too inadequate. Water has to be physically carried over vast distances to homes. This responsibility usually falls on the women on the family, who are also engaged in other household and agricultural labour. The major concern here is the strain on women’s health.

Economic loss: The accumulated effect of economy is also considerable. The result of bad health on a rural economy can be crippling. With limited access to quality healthcare and heavy dependence on physical labour, this has immediate and severe economic consequences.

Industry requirements: As industrial growth becomes more decentralised, we are seeing an increasing interest by the industrial sector towards moving to the Tier II cities, town and villages. However, many of these industries need ready supply of water. A number of industries, from auto parts to F&B, today rely on RO water for their functioning. Rural industry, hence, becomes another big motivator for RO plants manufacturers India.

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