Follow this routine if you want to stay young forever!

Younger looking skin is what every woman wishes for. Anti-ageing creams in India are doing great business due to intense demand for ageless skin by people. What exactly these creams are having that make them an anti-ageing product? Gel? Moisturizer? There are multiple ingredients and chemicals used by anti-ageing products manufacturers to prepare the range of creams and serum recipes. But these products are waste of money when you seek for long-term results. You will observe the results till the time you use the product and once you stop using it, your skin will start getting wrinkles.

How to stop this? You cannot stop the time, but you can have some control on your skin. Yes, this is possible with a skin care routine. Let’s learn how these celebs manage to look younger naturally!

The routine includes these following steps-

  1. Wash your face

A soap free cleanser and warm water is the best remedy to remove all dirt and oil from the skin. Once you cleanse your facial skin, you are ready to apply penetrating skin care products like gels, creams, and serums. Dermatologists suggest facial cleansing before applying any skin care product manufactures for better results.

  1. Pamper the under eye skin

The area around your eyes is so sensitive and reveals visible signs of aging faster if not taken seriously. Under eye skin is thinner, drier and reactive than any other area on your face. You must pamper your under eye area with a gentle pat of pea-size amount of serum. Spread the serum with your ring finger as it applies the least pressure. You have to do this every night before going to bed.

  1. Moisturize

Whenever you wash your face, your facial skin loses its natural oil and becomes dehydrated. You can hydrate the skin using right moisturizing solution. Know your skin type and select the correct moisturizing product accordingly. Try to bring the moisturizing cream or lotion with SPF for extra protection.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is important to remove all blackheads and white heads from the skin. If you love natural products, use gram flour with curd and massage on your face and neck area. Leave it 1 minute and then rinse. Your skin will become smoother and shinier.

We don’t know till when anti-ageing creams in India will do such good business, but we are sure that these products are not the permanent solution to the wrinkles and fine lines. Your diet and active life also play crucial role to your fitness. When your body is healthy, you will naturally feel young and happy.

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