Guide to Furniture Hardware Fittings for Your Home

Every home today requires a number of fittings. These are the little bits and pieces that make the furnishings functional. For instance, without a cabinet pull, the cabinet cannot be pulled out and hence, is of no use. Some hardware is about safety, such as locks and bolts. Furniture hardware fittings like bolts and screws are used to put together various furniture pieces.

Some of the hardware fittings that we use in a house are:

  • Latches
  • Handles
  • Stoppers
  • Knobs and pulls
  • Floor Spring
  • Hinges
  • Rods and hangers
  • Hooks
  • Key Holders
  • Sofa Accessories
  • Glass Fittings
  • Bolts

Every room has some kind of hardware fittings – cabinet handles in kitchen, sofa hardware in the living room, drawer pulls in the bedroom and glass door fittings in the bathroom. When designing a home, all these hardwares have to be considered. You can get these from a single vendor or try separate specialist vendors. However, there are also many hardware manufacturers who offer a composite hardware range, a one stop pit for all your needs.

There are also specialist hardware stores and suppliers that offer a complete range of home hardware. Not only is this convenient, it also offers you the opportunity to compare different brands and the functionality of the products. You can also take a closer look at manufactures in the field and decide accordingly.

Choosing the right hardware:

There are some factors that we have to keep in mind when selecting the hardware:

Decor of the room: While many people just look for a good deal, the look of the hardware is just as important. These may be small pieces, but these are the little details that bring together the look of the room. Paying attention to the furniture hardware fittings is the kind of attention to detail that is a hallmark of a well designed room.

A home can belong to any one the decor schools – traditional, modern, contemporary or transitional. Fortunately, today we have an equally varied number of accents to fittings from. For traditional fittings you can use handles with engravings or a detailed design, while a modern style will mean clean and streamlined fittings. For a contemporary look, you can go for something colorful and bold.

Material: The material can also be important. This will help in defining the look. The choice can also depend on your own personal tastes as well as conditions of the room, since some materials are better at withstanding all kind of environments than others. For instance, some brass knobs are ideal for a more traditional look, while glass can go perfectly with a contemporary or transitional room. Sleek steel or zinc cabinet handles may work better in a modern room. Some materials like brass and zinc also have the advantage of better resistance towards corrosive environments, like those in a bathroom.

Functionality: Fittings are not just for show, some of these are also required to be functional. To check for functionality, you can order sample pieces to begin with or check installed pieces in a showroom. There are a few factors you are looking for:

  • Weight: Ordinarily this may not be important, but when we are looking for hardware fittings like drawers pulls, knobs or handles, a weighty piece may be important. A light flimsy piece cannot work with a heavy drawer. So, invest in sturdy fittings that will work and pass the test of time. Glass doors again need fittings that are heavy so as to provide stability to the glass.
  • Special tasks: Some fittings like looks and bolts have an additional function that must be checked as well. Does the lock work smoothly? In case of child bolts and locks, is it child proof? When the lock is combined with a door handle, check that both work properly.

Check the manufacturer: In case of furniture fittings, it is very important to check for a reliable manufacturer. This is especially important when selecting looks and door handles. Look for guarantees and warrantees. You should also check for compliance with industry standards. This means that the company’s products meet the minimum standard for safety.

Choosing furniture hardware fittings carefully can pay off in the long run. These are pieces that will have a direct impact on the longevity and functionality of the furniture.

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