Ceramics Laboratory Instruments

Why Use Ceramic Laboratory Testing Equipment?

Ceramic is one of the most beautiful materials available in the market and is used for home décor and as laboratory testing equipment. But low quality ceramic is often prone to cracks. So it is of utmost importance that you perform regular tests on the ceramic laboratory equipment to ensure that these are of good quality and eligible to be used as laboratory equipment.

Some of the prime features of high quality ceramic tiles are

  • Lightweight
  • Heat resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Chemical resistant

Ceramic tiles are exposed to aggressive working environment where standard polymers and traditional metals cannot sustain. But high quality ceramic tiles can only have these properties. The ceramic laboratory testing equipment can help you determine whether the ceramic tiles are up to the mark. Some of the important facts related to ceramic tiles laboratory testing equipment are-

What are issues and how are these checked byceramic laboratory equipment?
The ceramic products are often prone to hair cracks, which appear on the glazed surface of the tiles. The ceramic laboratory testing equipment checks the resistance of the product to high pressure. The ceramic tiles is placed under high pressure steam within an autoclave. After sometime the tiles is taken out and checked if cracks have appeared by coating it with a vibrant color.

Some of the common ceramic tiles issues checked by ceramic laboratory testing equipment are

  • Deep abrasion- The testing equipment determines the resistance power of the ceramic tiles to deep abrasion by measuring the length of the groove by use of rotating steel disc.
  • Moisture expansion- Testing equipment checks whether ceramic tiles change shape under extreme temperature.
  • Dimension and surface quality- The testing equipment checks the length, width, thickness, straightness of sides and rectangularity of the ceramic tiles.
  • Tensile strength and modulus of rupture- Testing devices also check the breaking load, breaking strength and modulus rupture of the tiles.

Which are commonly used ceramic laboratory testing equipment?
The ceramic laboratory testing equipment is used to check the quality of raw material and products in use. These can be used to perform regular tests and also specific tests for raw materials; be it decorative clay or structural clay. Some of the types of ceramic laboratory testing equipment are:

  • Hand held test equipment

This kind of equipment are battery operated and portable in nature.

  • Laser particle size analyzers

This kind of devices use laser diffraction particle sizing technique to determine the quality of ceramic tiles.

What should you look for in ceramic laboratory testing equipment?
If you want to check the quality of ceramic tiles, purchase ceramic laboratory testing equipment which come with the features listed below-

  • Machines which are flexible to test bending, reflection, dimension accuracy etc.
  • Testing devices which can estimate abrasion and frost resistance features of ceramic tiles.
  • Instruments which can estimate the finish of the ceramic tiles; highly finished ceramic tiles can enhance the life of the material.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic machines which can operate as per your requirement.
  • Light weight machinery so that these instruments can be easily moved from one place to another for testing purpose.
  • Ceramic laboratory testing equipment should be able to check different sizes and models of ceramic tiles.
  • Safe equipment which can be customized as per the unique requirements of the ceramic tiles manufacturers.
  • Machines with digital display which can provide instant results. Some highly configured devices even come with LCD screens and provide graphical representation of the measurements.

Ceramic tiles are used in aerospace, implantable medical devices, electronics and power generation and transmission industries. The quality of ceramic tiles is of utmost importance for smooth running of these industries and hence ceramic laboratory testing equipment is a must to help you determine the quality of ceramic tiles

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