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How to Repurpose Leftover Digital Wall Tiles?

Wall tiles are made and designed by digital wall tiles India manufacturers for interested buyers. People often get them in bulk to avail the best affordable deal from the supplier. However, after completion of the project, they usually throw out the leftover pieces of the tiles. They count them as a waste and don’t realize that something creative can be formed using that tiles.

In this post, we bring some innovative ideas to DIY use of leftover tiles for different projects. Let’s talk about them in brief-

  • Turn your old, wrinkled planter into tiled one

As planters get older with time, they shed layers and become ugly. This is the case of mud planters. You can stop the aging of mud planters by tiling them with your leftover tiles. This can be a simple upgrading project of an ordinary planter that can be transformed into mosaic art piece. Add some fanciness to your backyard with this project and impress your neighbour!

  • Make geometric coasters

Grab the pieces of tiles and create whatever shape you want for the coasters. Be it square or multiple small squares, honey-comb like design, circles, etc. This will be an interesting project to be done with your children at home during vacation. Be ready to spend some quality time with your kids in smarter way.

  • Mirror framing with tiles

If you have a simple looking mirror in the bathroom then it’s time to transform it into designer one. Take small square tiles and hang them around the mirror. This will give a complete new look to your bathroom. You can even experiment and add some crystals and seashells in the list. When you try, don’t forget to share the experience!

  • Add a tiled table-top project to your list

Almost every one of us have at least one table at home or at office that is being left as an unwanted item. We take it to our store room and make it to rest in peace for next years. But you can add a life to that useless table by making a tiled table-top. Arrange the leftover tile pieces and form a design on the table surface and fix the tiles. Your designer table is ready for use. Now show off your table at the side of your cabin gate by putting small planter.

There are many projects in which digital wall tiles India manufacturers are helping their clients. You can ask for the assistance anytime if you are in need of it.

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