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How to Get the Correct Type of Wall Tile for Home?

No doubt manufacturers of ceramic wall tiles help a lot in selection process of tiles. They provide several useful suggestions to their customers in order to give them the best tiling options that suit their budget as well as project. Since there are numerous options available in the market, it’s still a challenge to select the right tile without assistance of professional.

There are several types of tiles you can explore-

  • Vitrified tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Cement tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Stone
  • Quartz
  • Glass tiles

Now you know why consumers get confuse about selecting any tile! To make the selection process easy, manufacturers bring some useful tips for you in this article. Read this article thoroughly to find the best ways of choosing the right tiling option for your home project.

  • Never neglect the basics

It will be your first step always to decide the type of tile you need. In case you are unable to make the decision, ask professional for helping you out. For flooring, vitrified tiles are ideal option due to their durability and traffic resistance feature. For wall project, you can have both ceramic or porcelain tiles as these are non-porous and stain proof.

If you want to use them for outdoor, always pick the matte finish to avoid slips.

  • Select the tile in right finish

Have you heard of digital wall tile printing technology? This latest technology now makes it possible to recreate any pattern on a tile. You cannot decide the tile on the basis of pattern and design. You must select the right finish as well. For walls, you can always have glossy tiles for floors; you have to choose stone finish tiles. You can even use wood finish tiles for bedroom.

  • The right choice of color

For flooring, you can pick light color tiles to create an intimate look indoors. At outdoors, you can always experiment with darker shades. Light color tiles make the room look more spacious. Darker shaded tiles are easy to maintain and clean.

You can even mix and match the patterns for indoor and outdoor. Everything else can be done with the help of manufacturers of ceramic wall tiles in India. You can get in touch with them to source the best designer ceramic tiles collection for your project. You can even make their experts to get involve in your project for better results.

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