Trends in Brass Elbow Pipe Fittings Manufacturing

Despite the recent downturn in the contraction market, the trade in brass pipe fittings remains robust. Pipes are the building blocks of a building and pipe fittings are what joins them together. Without the pipe fittings we will not be able to do much with pipes, since fittings connect the pipes to the overall structure.

But pipe fittings like elbow pipe fittings are not limited to building construction alone. Brass elbow pipe fittings manufacturers are often contacted to work on almost any area where pipes are used. These include agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential applications. Some of these are:

  • Public water distribution systems
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Park irrigation
  • Liquid discharge installations
  • Water sprinkling systems
  • Sanitation and sewerage disposal
  • Wastewater management systems
  • Mining and drilling

Why Brass is the Preferred Material in Elbow Pipe Fittings

Brass has many advantages that puts it above the average fitting material. In fact, its many properties combines all the superior qualities of other materials in one neat package.

1. Complete customisation: Different projects require different design parameters and the specifications of its raw materials changes accordingly. Brass is perhaps the only metal where any competent brass elbow pipe fittings manufacturers will promise a complete customisation of its product.

Customisation extends from the design to its composition. Brass is a hPipe Fittings – Brassighly malleable metal. Which means that it can be beaten and bended into any kind of elbow fitting specification you need. We can also change its composition according to its function. In short, you can get a brass elbow fitting according to the precise purpose you are looking for!

2. Durability: The tough metal can remain intact with the normal wear and tear of everyday use. Brass fittings will usually outlive the pipes they are attached to. It can also withstand extreme heat, making it ideal for applications like hot water systems. Brass fittings often outlive fires that melt everything around them!

3. Resistance to corrosion: Brass has a high resistance to corrosion. Together with its ability to withstand high temperatures, it makes brass extremely suitable for use in adverse and extreme conditions. We can use it in water boiler systems, chlorinated water pools, sanitation and wastewater system.

4. Recyclability: Unlike many other of its counterparts, brass elbow pipe fittings are completely recyclable. This gives brass fittings a very high value. Not only can it survive for a long time, it can also be sold off as valuable scrap material.

Industry Trends

– Increasing customization

As the market moves more and more towards customisation in industrial product, the demand of brass pipe fittings remains high. The advent of technology has actually created newer avenues and design options in the industry. Some of the innovative measures offered by brass elbow pipe fittings manufacturers today include support by software design tools. Clients can make their own designs or rely on specialists designer to create a complete mock-up. They can even view a 3D model of their design to better understand the nuances or design elements. Innovation and customisation over the years has also given us a wide range in brass types

– Need for certification

Parallel with the innovation in working with brass is the increasing need for certifications. With the need for safety paramount, the Indian government has established standards in certifications for brass fitting products. These are in line with international certification. Interestingly, the ISO and DIN standards vary with the product, since these fittings are used in various industry. Hence, certification must be verified in context with the product.

– Environmental concerns

One of the challenging aspects in the industry today is the environmental concerns posed by brass fittings. According to some studies brass can leach lead into the water (brass alloys can have traces of lead). However, recent work with brass alloys and strict certification regime can go a long way in mitigating these concerns.

– India as an export hub

As expressed above, trade in brass fittings is booming as the construction industry picks up. One of the recent trends is the emergence of India as a major sporting nation. As demand grows internationally, this trend will only continue.

Brass has some distinct advantages when it comes creating pipe fittings. Not surprisingly, trade for brass elbow pipe fittings manufacturers has been on a distinct upward trend in the last few years. Technological advances in working with design, coupled with a strict certification regime has created a niche industry.

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