Important Tools And Terms Used By Electrical Wire Manufacturers

Why it is important to know home wiring basic diagrams for remodeling project? Electrical Cables and Wire Manufacturers use specific terminology and tools for remodeling project. You should know about them and understand which parts serve what in a house wiring diagram.

electrical wires and cables

A simple house wiring diagram is a part of a set of blueprint designs, and the set shows the placement of electrical outlets.

Service Head

It is also known as weather head or weather cap. Service head acts as an entrance for aerial electrical wiring installation into a building or home. Manufacturers use service head on home wiring diagrams to determine the point where wires will enter the home.

It is of hood shape and provides weatherproof protection, where the wires enter facing down at minimum 45 degrees angle. There are three wires that carry standard 240-volt service to the building (120-volt current carry by two wires and open grounded neutral wire).

Electric Meter

The electric meter device available on home wiring diagrams as the point where measurements related to power quantity is used through that specific point.

Main Service Panel

Main service panel or breaker box conveys electricity across all circuits, in the entire building. It is known as the main distribution center of electricity used at home/ building. Each circuit uses fuse or breaker that can shut itself down in the case of short circuit or overload. In general, manufacturers provide a circuit breaker panel in two capacities – amperage and space for breakers.

Electrical Boxes

Electrical boxes act as the place where you connect or end wires offering power either as an outlet or a switch. Electrical box always needed for mounting devices and light fixtures.


Ground wire links the electrical system to the earth through copper rods or metal water pipes. It serves safety to users from electric shock as electrical current runs through the circuit and back to the original source through neutral wire that returns electricity to the main service panel.

Basic tools required by professionals-

  • Wire strippers
  • Fish tape
  • Insulated screwdriver
  • Swivel screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Cable ripper
  • Circuit testers
  • Hammer
  • Short circuit detector
  • Labeling machines
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers

Electrical wire and cable manufacturers also supply these basic tools required by professionals during repairing or servicing of electric wire/cable. You can source these products from them at discounts.

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