Laboratory furnaces Safety Guidelines

Laboratory furnaces are largely used to heat the materials or shape into different parts as needed by industries worldwide. You have to focus on certain areas or safety guidelines before actual implementation of the product. Here, all safety guidelines are explained by leading laboratory furnaces manufacturers to help you in best way.

Safety Guidelines about Laboratory furnaces

Possible type of hazards

  • Fire Hazard- When plastic is melted, it may cause fires

Some types of plastics are not able to withstand high temperatures then chances of potential damages increase significantly. Plastic melt down or ignite suddenly. This will set the fire or other equipments on fire.

  • Health Hazard- When substances are volatized then person may suffer from chronic or acute health hazards.

Gas heated furnace exhaust gas in the air and there is no way to accommodate these gases inside so it will escape out and it may be inhaled by users that will affect the airborne of individual.

  • Burn Hazard – Hot surface may burn your skin so users have to be extra careful.

You have to be extra careful when loading or unloading materials inside chamber. Recently heated metals are extremely hot and they could not be handled with ease. The only solution is to use relevant tools and equipment that can pick the materials carefully. Also make sure that your face, skin or body is away to avoid some potential damage around the machine.

Once safety guidelines are followed wisely then chances of potential damages can be reduced significantly. It will also tell you how to use the equipment properly. Experts suggest you to read product manual before actual implementation.

Laboratory furnaces

How to control different biohazards?

  • Controlling fire Hazards – Every time you load materials inside chamber then laboratory furnaces manufacturers should make sure that it is suitable to use at high temperatures and pressures. If you are still not sure then you should check best available equipments in market.
  • Controlling Health Hazard –Lab assistants should make sure that equipment is cleaned well before its next usage. In case it is not cleaned properly then residue will volatize with materials and people around the machine will intake the harmful chemicals inside. The best way to clean laboratory furnace is to use distilled water so that residual chemicals can be removed out properly before putting machine in use again.
  • Controlling Burn Hazard Further, you should use lab coats, eye protection mask, face mask, or fire resistant gloves etc. The use of rubber apron is also encouraged for maximum protection against burn hazards.

Safety Measures

  • Be aware of what you are doing and follow proper safety procedures’

  • You should always follow safety measures as discussed by laboratory furnaces manufacturers.

  • Machines should not be overloaded so that heat can be distributed evenly.

  • You should keep a check on temperature usage and operating conditions.

  • There is special type of mercury thermometers that are used to check maximum temperature and pressure conditions inside chamber in order to avoid accidental damage or sudden breakage.

Also give proper training to employees to ensure proper equipment usage and to enjoy maximum benefits from it.

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