The Benefits Of Transformers Oil Filtration

transformer is a machine that forms an important part of the electric power supply system in industrial settings and non-industrial settings.

Transformers are a constant part of everyday life and must be maintained to function continuously. An important part of this maintenance is the purifying of the transformer oil. Some companies may hire Transformers oil filtration to do this for them.

What are the functions of transformer oil?

To understand why it is important to purify the transformer oil, it is necessary first to understand the purpose of the transformer oil. Transformer oil has two primary functions:

  • To act as an insulating layer in the transformer
  • To act as a coolant for the transformer

For these reasons, the transformer oil must be stable at high temperatures and have high chemical and electrical stability.

Typically, an oil used as a transformer oil must have a flashpoint of 140? or greater with a pour point of -30? or less and a breakdown voltage of 30kV or more.

This oil is commonly used in combination with paper insulation inside a transformer.

What are the benefits of transformer oil filtration?

The purpose of filtering and purifying the transformer oil is to remove the dirt, gases, moisture, and other impurities that the oil accumulates over time, even if it is not currently in use. Therefore, the benefits of purifying the oil are many:

  • The filtration of the transformer oil increases the insulating property of the transformer oil. The insulating property tends to reduce as the amount of dirt and sludge accumulated in the oil increases. With the aid of a filtering device, all minute particles are removed from the oil to restore its properties.
  • Purification of the oil restores its breakdown voltage.
  • The transformer’s long life depends on the transformer’s ability to insulate and cool the transformer. The purification of the oil increases the properties of the oil and, therefore, increases the transformer’s life.

How can the properties of the oil be preserved?

These properties can be preserved by monitoring them regularly. To monitor the quality of the transformer oil, certain properties like breakdown voltage and water content are measured.

Certain companies may choose to do these tests themselves, but others may hire mobile transformer oil filtration services to test the oil for these properties and filter the oil in situ.

The transformer oil filtration services hired by a client may carry an online filtration machine that has quite a few benefits.

For example, it is eco-friendly as there are no decay products produced, it is easy to recharge and transport, and so on.

Moreover, there is no downtime with an online transformer oil filtration device, and there is no spillage of the oil that occurs during the handling of the oil.

These machines are commonly used in certain industries like paper mills, refineries, steel mines, coal mines, chemical plants, railways, etc.

What happens when the oil is NOT purified?

If the oil in the transformer is not purified regularly, then the following destructive processes occur in the transformer that reduces its overall lifespan:

  • Arcing – an electric arc formed in the oil disrupts the breakdown voltage.
  • Overheating – the oil and the transformer overheats and malfunction.
  • Corona Discharge – the oil particles are ionized through the discharge of an electric voltage in it.

Therefore, regular testing and filtration of the Power Transformers Manufacturers India are of utmost importance if a transformer is guaranteed to have a cost-effective and long working life in any industry.

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