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Benefits Of Diesel Air-Cooled Generators Sets

Diesel air-cooled generator sets are utilized for several years and have been a long track record of being versatile, easily adaptable, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. Concerning the initial costs and maintenance, these generator’s outputs make them one of the preferred choices for power generation across the earth.

In addition to low prices, the versatile design ensures the used generators can be run in various environmental conditions, including extreme cold, hot, and dust, while utilizing a cooling process that is always in abundant supply.

Benefits of diesel air-cooled generator sets

Diesel-powered used generators can be accustomed to fit in almost any kind of application. They offer a plethora of benefits and are more energy-efficient and effective than other generator sets. Most popularly, air-cooled generators sets are utilized in the following industries.

  • Agriculture
  • Main power source
  • Military ( air-cooled diesel generator are commonly used because of their resistance to changing environmental conditions)
  • Oil production
  • A backup power source (Here used generators are the most backup power sources)
  • Forestry and mining
  • Rental property (used generators are the ideal option for rental property due to its costs vs. benefits)
  • Medical field ( Used diesel generators vs. uses new diesel generators)
  • Ships/maritime operations (air-cooled diesel engines units are the most preferred engines on ships worldwide)
  • Stand-alone prefabricated buildings ( low long-term maintenance makes diesel generators the most common choice for prefabricated remote buildings.)
  • Telecommunications
  • Irrigation operations/ pumping stations (air-cooled diesel engine or used generators components are ideal for seldom-used wastewater-septic systems)
  • Refrigeration (air-cooled diesel generator systems are famous for their open design)

Advantages of air-cooled generator sets:

There are several benefits to select an air-cooled engine-powered generator in place of using the traditional water-cooled engine. They are easy to use and offer better output at meager input. They have versatile designs so that users can use them at their convenience. They are easily portable and comes with a robust body with high-quality build material.

Many of the owners prefer using air-cooled coolant systems for the particular reasons given below. Diesel engines cooled by air or water have the following advantages.

Ease of use:

All used generators need cooling equipment. An air-cooled diesel engine or generator does not require a radiator, water pump, hoses, or temperature gauge. There is coolant to leak, freeze, boil, evaporate, cause corrosion, or become contaminated within the cooling system. The reason is that the cooling system is straightforward, needs less short-term maintenance, minimizes overall downtime, and is less prone to cause system-wide failure. In addition to that, there is not a radiator in an air-cooled generator set, which reduces the costs in shipping, packaging, and less space is needed to house the unit.

Use of diesel fuel:

By utilizing diesel as the fuel source used, generators operate considerably less fuel than natural gas units. Compared to other fuel sources, diesel generators fuel is comparatively safe to handle and traditionally more readily accessible on-site, i.e., military, construction, agriculture, etc.

Versatile design:

Due to the simplistic and versatile design, air-cooled diesel generators are used to accommodate various applications. Most vital long-term operations like marine and telecommunication equipment or nautical lighthouses and buoys use air-cooled diesel generators.

Response groups operating in disaster areas generally use lightweight, portable air-cooled generator sets. However, flood, fire, earthquake, or avalanche regions are often full of dirt and debris, blocking other used generators much quicker than air-cooled diesel generator systems.

The failure rate among the air-cooled generators is significantly less common because of their stand-alone capacity. And military operations utilize air-cooled diesel generators because of their track record of being dependable under battle conditions.

Operational efficiency:

The primary merit of using diesel generators compared to other engines is that they can efficiently run at high operating temperatures and swiftly warm up. Therefore, it significantly minimizes the cylinder bore and ring/piston wear.

By running utilized diesel generators at such a high temperature, mucking of the lubricating oil is minimized significantly in short-term scenarios. In addition, the short warm-up duration also allows the air-cooled engine to accept its total load capacity much quicker than liquid-cooled engines.

Easy for installation:

Air-cooled generator sets such as liquid-cooled engines are easy to install. Therefore air-cooled diesel generators are less susceptible to vibration failures. Both air-cooled and liquid-cooled diesel engine systems require clean, cool air for combustion and ventilation, secondary cooling, mounting racks, guards, and exhaust piping, applied over hot and rotating parts.


Air-cooled generators tend to be convenient when considering the maintenance is relatively easier to look after than other liquid-cooled engines, which is a massive mess regarding caring. It is also time-efficient and perfectly suitable for the one who is operating a gigantic valuable thing like stores or business. All you have to do is inspect the oils’ level very often and make sure the generator’s batteries have enough voltage and everything is functioning correctly. It is incredibly time-saving and simple simultaneously, which every workplace desires to use as it saves money and time concurrently.

Air-cooled generator sets are utilized for power levels between 8 and 20 kilowatts. In other words, it is optimally suitable for a smaller business as it will best be suited for your needs. Overall, it depends on your requirement of how much power your generator is looking for, which type of engine you require, and how much stress you would put on it. So make sure to seek the help of the application specialist who will guide you to find the correct generator for your application.


With the above discussion, it can be concluded that not all the used generators are constructed equally. You must do proper research and determine the correct air-cooled generator sets with your project’s scope, costs, and long-term usage before making a purchase. All used generators should be properly maintained and inspected by certified air-cooled diesel engine professionals to regulate working standards. If you take proper steps and follow guidelines appropriately, they can generate higher outputs from your diesel air-cooled generator.

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