A Brief Understanding of What Brass Anchors Are?

Introduction to All about brass

Brass is a composite of copper and zinc and to me appears to be entirely pliable, shape able, and fileable. It very well may be cleaned to a gleaming gloss with little exertion. It can undoubtedly be made liquid at around 1600F and filled whatever shape you need. In industry, most brass fittings are either turned on a machine, hot shaped or cast. Brass regularly isn’t forgeable however should be possible with light mallet blows and low warmth. This is an exceptionally flexible combination at room temperature and isn’t suggested, as I would like to think, for weaponry but to create things like gruff arrow points, blade handle watches, ammo housings or knuckle weapons.

Brass anchor is one of the significant and most utilized components in families and industries. It assists with joining two distinct things. These are effectively accessible in the market in various completions. It is Embossed surface with two strips and four sections. Consumption safe and thus can be utilized in all conditions. Emblazoned surface gives additional hold. Inside cone like shape guarantees equivalent development of sections while screwing.


  1. Brass Anchors are appropriate for Solid block, light solid, empty centre solid, boards and lumbers.
  2. General scope of Brass Anchors are reasonable for Inside and Outside usage.
  3. Normal Brass Anchors comes with adaptable use for thermoset and thermoplastic plastic moldings, with through-opening or visually impaired gap string.
  4. Exactness Brass Anchors are unmistakably appropriate for proficient addition gathering related to every measurement screw.
  5. Brass Anchors are broadly utilized for Over-all Fastener and establishment application.


  • Brass anchors are accessible with greater Bearing Area and goes about as a Socket.
  • Inward Tapering to empower the brass anchor to extend and to individually lock the pole to its position.
  • The Brass Anchor body in knurled for better-quality execution.
  • General scope of Brass Anchors are accessible no sweat Fixture can be taken out and supplanted.
  • With Metric Thread, Brass Anchors have a delicate shape and knurled outside surface.
  • Brass anchors are additionally helpful with lightweight rail latches.
  • Appropriate for indoor and outside application.
  • For connecting parts to concrete and strong block.
  • For divided establishment related to a strung bar.

Let’s know how it is operated

  1. Brass Anchors are accessible in pre-framed and pre-penetrated getting gaps; the three breaking spaces give a firm inserting in the base material.
  2. Pre-framed and pre-drilled get openings give a non-focused on, strong association in the base material of Brass Anchors.
  3. Three Steps of assembling Brass Anchors including Heading, Thread Rolling, Slotting and Coating.
  4. Brass Anchors are accessible with various kinds of completing and covering incorporate Chrome, Nickle, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Electrolytic Tin and the sky is the limit from there.


  1. Brass Anchor is appropriate for pre and post positioned installation and pressure introduction.
  2. Inserting the metric screw causes the front part of the brass fixing to expand, Anchoring it securely on the substrate.
  3. For flush mounting installation.
  4. Suitable for metric screw and threaded bolts.
  5. The brass fixing may have to be slightly expanded before installation by screwing the threaded screw.
  6. Low mounting depth reduces drilling.

Choose the Best Brass Anchors Manufacturers

Brass anchors manufacturers are the prominent name engaged in offering the best brass anchor. Manufactured using high-grade brass and latest technology, these anchors are in compliance with the defined parameters of the industry and prevailing market trends. It’s all the products are manufactured using high-grade raw material and latest methodologies with the help of experienced engineers. Further, with the assistance of the skilled engineers, we are able to customize the range as per the details furnished by the clients. Owing to the untiring support of our professionals, they have been successful in meeting the urgent requirements of the clients located everywhere in India and global.

Furthermore, the products are widely appreciated for their below given characteristics:

  • Lengthier service life
  • Durability
  • Resistance in contradiction of corrosion
  • Smooth-finish

Types Of Anchors available with Brass Anchors Manufacturers

  • Brass Round Stud Anchors
  • Brass Pool Anchor
  • Brass Concrete Anchors
  • Brass Drop Anchor
  • Brass Knuling Anchors
  • Brass Slotted Anchors
  • Brass Sleeve Anchors
  • Brass Wood Anchors

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