Pest control

How to know which Method Suits the Housekeeping

Pest control is required for the well-being of human health and environment. Pests can damage more and this can also affect the economy. Depending on the type of pests, a to z pest control service in Rajkot is done by professionals. There are different methods for different pest control including herbal pest control, mechanical pest control, physical pest control, poisonous bait, trap cropping, and pesticides.

In ancient times, Egyptians used natural predators as their defence against harmful species. The most common animal was the cat that could effectively keep rodents away in the farm. Even today, if farmers pet cats to protect their farm crops from rodents, they can save a lot of money.

Today, we have a to z pest control service providers using different methods-

  • Biological pest control

It is the natural method of pest control in which (for instance) bacteria is used to kill pests (like mosquitoes) in water sources. The bacteria don’t harm the human and thus, the water remains safe for human consumption. The motive behind using biological pest control is to kill the pests without affecting any other aspect of nature.

  • Mechanical pest control

This type of method has specialised equipment and devices that are truly designed to treat pests. The most common technique used by farmers is a protective barrier between their plants and insect.

  • Poisoned bait

Poisoned bait is used for pests and rodents. However, it has certain limitations like you cannot use it if you have kids and pets in your home. If we talk about effectiveness, poisoned bait can give you instant results. This type of pest control works best for rodents and certain pest species.

  • Field burning

Field burning is among the traditional methods followed by farmers. Even today, after harvesting the crops, farmers burn their entire field to kill harmful pest species and their eggs. This technique is practiced to ensure 100% cleaning of the field to the core.

  • Trap cropping

Trap cropping includes a trap crop that is a plant which attracts pest so that the actual crops remain safe. This way farmers control pest infestation by using pesticides to that specific trap cropping area.

  • Pesticides

Pesticides are the common pest controlling method practiced by people at their home. The pesticides are simple to deal with, especially in the form of spray. However, human should use them carefully as some pesticides may cause cancer and damage the whole environment.

How to know which method will suit your home pest control?

Biological no doubt! Biological pest control is safe. Be it the termites or mosquitoes or other insects, you can control their infestation using natural substances. For instance, termites hate neem oil- so you can bring the oil for treating termites at home. The same way mosquitoes and insects don’t like citrus aroma of lemongrass. You can prepare spray solution with lemongrass oil and water and spray around windows and doors and other corners of your home to keep mosquitoes out of your place.

Don’t bring poisonous bait products if you live with your kids and pets. You can instead use safe pesticides such as boric acid to treat cockroaches in your home. For insects like beetles, locusts, you can bring mechanical pest control products like UV lamp insect killer devices.

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