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How to Avoid Office Furniture Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s remorse is most often associated with purchases of frivolous items like jewelry or collectible items, but did you know that buyer’s remorse can also occur for items most people consider necessary? It can even occur when buying office furniture for your home office or a professional setting. And buyer’s remorse for office furniture tends to be a lot more costly than buyer’s remorse for an unneeded bit or bauble. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can avoid experiencing the unwanted and expensive feeling of buyer’s remorse for office furniture.

Always plan ahead.

Whether you are looking for office hardware fittings or modular kitchen manufacturers, never shop for office furniture without planning ahead. This is a vital rule of shopping for any type of furniture, as well. Before you shop, think about important factors such as: your budget, the type of furniture you want to buy, how big your office space is, how much the furniture will be used, and the general aesthetic of the room it will be in. When you have the answers to these important questions, you will be better prepared to make a purchase that won’t make you cringe as soon as it’s delivered.

Stick to your budget – within reason.

It’s important to stick to the budget that you have decided up on before you go shopping for office furniture. Sometimes, however, it’s okay to go a little over budget as long as it is reasonable. For many people, “reasonable” might depend on whether or not they are shopping for themselves or for a business.

For example: If your budget for an office chair for your home office is $500 and there is a $600 chair that has all of the features you want, is very well made, and higher quality than a comparable $500 chair, you may want to consider spending the extra $100. If you are buying office furniture for a business office, however, this extra $100 could turn into a hefty expense once you add up multiple purchases.

Try it out, if you can.

Whenever possible, you should attempt to try out the office furniture you plan to buy before actually buying it. This will help you get an idea of how comfortable (or uncomfortable) the furniture is, in addition to the general level of quality. For furniture that can’t really be tested, like bookshelves and office cabinets, you should still inspect the furniture in person whenever possible to get a better idea of its quality. If you need sturdy bookshelves, for example, examine the construction of the shelves and inquire about the maximum weight capacity of the piece.

Keep receipts

When all else fails, remember to keep all your receipts. A legitimate furniture store will have some kind of reasonable return policy, which will usually limit returns to 30 days or sometimes even up to 60 days. This will give you time to really test out the furniture and see if it meets your standards or the standards of your business’s employees.

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