What is a Conveyor Oven and where is it Employed?

With automation playing a major role in the 21st century, it is next to impossible to consider hiring manual labor in great quantity to complete a task that can be done in lesser time. With this notion in mind, the metallurgy industry flourished in the development of tools and instruments using which human effort could be reduced. In the context, it can be mentioned that many remarkable instruments have made a mark in the metallurgy industry. Of them, the conveyor oven is of an utmost significance as justified by the industrial furnace manufacturers.

What is a Conveyor Oven?

A conveyor oven is an instrument using which pieces or goods can be molded into the desired output by the application of heat. A conveyor oven is fitted with a hearth which acts as the main interactive medium between the furnace and the goods to be processed. The goods need to be placed in contact with the hearth. However, if the goods are made to remain there in a static manner, uneven heating will result in over-heating of certain areas and under-heating of the other areas. To avoid this, the conveyor belt is so adjusted that the goods can be induced into continuous or random motion so that the heat is spread out evenly. This methodology is highly effective in the industrial aspect.

Where are Conveyor Ovens used?

A conveyor oven is an effective instrument whose usage can be endless. Depending upon the number of goods that can be loaded onto the tray or basket in contact with the hearth for heating and also upon the intensity of the flame, a conveyor oven can be used in various ways. The main functions of a conveyor oven deal with drying, baking, heating, and tempering. Apart from these, it can also be used for curing, bonding, stress relieving, tempering, aging, and annealing. Because of such a widespread use, conveyor ovens have gained immense popularity at the industrial level and have helped many businesses to flourish in the long run.

Why are Conveyor Ovens chosen?

There are plenty of instruments available in the market and they are equally capable of performing the work of a conveyor oven. Nevertheless, conveyor belts continue to dominate the market in its trade/segment. This is mainly because of the following reasons:

  • The Volume of Production: Conveyor ovens have the capacity to handle the production and treatment of a large number of goods at a time. This finds greater use in the industrial arena compared to the other industrial furnaces.
  • Automation Techniques: Owing to the popularity of conveyor ovens, they have been upgraded with the latest technology. The conveyor ovens have been implemented with the ease of automation that makes repetitive tasks far more accurate. Thus, the desired output can be made the same by implementing the same environmental conditions in which the conveyor belt is made to function.
  • The Flexibility of Environmental Factors: Conveyor belts are fitted with VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). This helps in the regulation of factors like temperature, the frequency of operation and others. Regulating these factors to the optimum level helps in the procurement of best results.

Should You Use Conveyor Ovens?

If you are an industrialist or a business holder who needs to treat products in a way that the products are subjected to heat to obtain the desired result, you need a good oven. If you consult conveyor oven exporters, they will suggest you to buy a conveyor oven and will also explain why a conveyor oven is a better choice compared to other industrial available in the market.

Thus, a conveyor oven is a good instrument to work with and you should use one without second thoughts.

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