Uses of Potassium Iodine India

When fear of a nuclear attack peaked up recently in the US over the Trump-Kim Jong Un spat, the sales of potassium iodine also jumped up. The reason was its effectiveness against a nuclear attack! From dietary supplement to a protective medicine – potassium iodine has many uses. It is also a highly valuable commercial product. Part of the dominant Asia Pacific sector, the potassium iodide India has seen remarkable growth in the last few years because of increasing demand.

What is potassium iodine?

It is a chemical compound that is used as a medicine and dietary supplement. The WHO recognises it as one of the essential medicines required by the human body. It has a white crystalline granular texture which can be powdered so as to use it as a supplement. It has a strong salty and slightly bitter taste.

Medical Uses

As a dietary supplement: The US Food and Drug Administration also recommends it as a necessary supplement for humans and animals. We often see it as table salt. You will often see the word ‘iodised’ on salt packets. This comes from its potassium iodine content.

Protection against any radioactive material: The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulates our metabolism and energy. It needs iodine to do so. This iodine is absorbed from the bloodstream. The problem occurs in a radioactive environment because the thyroid cannot distinguish between stable and radioactive iodine. It will take whatever iodine it finds int he environment. This makes it susceptible to cancer and other serious disorders.

Potassium iodide India offers a safe alternative. When taken in a nuclear environment, it provides the thyroid with a stable alternative, reducing its chances of absorbing the radioactive iodine. It can protect the thyroid from other sources, including any radioactive iodine in the food we eat. Its effectiveness has been proven in areas which were under threat of radioactive material or cloud. It has also been approved by the US FDA as effective protection for the thyroid in case of a nuclear or fission emergency.

While potassium iodide India has many benefits when taken as supplement or as a protective measure, its exact dosage is still debated on. It can have negative side effects like vomiting, diarrhoea, allergy, goitre and headaches. Even though it is often available over the counter, the risk of any harmful effect means that a heavy dosage must be considered carefully and only under medical advise.

Industrial Uses

Potassium iodine is not just used as a health supplement. It is also a very important manufacturing raw material. It is used as a component in disinfectants, hair chemicals, in photography, biomedical research, as fluorescence enhancer and in other chemical-based manufacturing.

Potassium Iodine Market

When it comes to the potassium iodine market worldwide, it is usually divided in the following categories: Pharmaceutical, film photography, textile, X-ray contrast media, chemical industries, and nutrition. With the growth of pharma, food and beverage industry, the potassium iodide India marketshare is expected to boom in he next few years.

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