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What Things You should avoid when hiring a Tile Installer?

This article includes ‘restricted things’ that need to be considered while calling a tile installer for assistance. Digital wall tiles India suppliers bring this article for you to help you with the hiring of tile installer. Since tile installation mistakes are harder to cover up, you need to be more cautious while approaching any professional installer for help.

  • Never take-up offers from your handyman or non-expert

It feels really good if you have a person on your side who can handle odds and ends of home repair. However, tile installation is a different and tougher job that requires professional assistance. It is important to find experienced person who can perform the job without making any mistake.

  • Never make assumptions

Never assume that large home centers can provide you installers of tiles. These centers focus on handling customers and selling their product range to them. You must reach to qualified installers.

Talk to commercial contractor and you may get good reference for tile installer.

  • Ignore the certification, license and insurance of the installer

Trained tile installer will do the best job. An individual certified from CTEF (Ceramic Tile Educaion Foundation) can be a reliable choice. CTEF offers training and assessments for installers and certifies they have knowledge to use latest techniques. You must check for the certification, license, and insurance of the installer.

  • Don’t forget the questionnaire

There are certain basic questions that you must always inquire. You must ask-

  • How long will the project run?
  • How much tile is required?
  • How many people will be working in a team?
  • Have you worked on similar projects before?
  • See the installer work first

Moving forward without seeing the installer work is a big mistake. You should always be keen to see pictures of completed work with an eye for quality. Pay close attention to the – doors, windows, and corners because these are the trickiest areas to work around. Ignore considering the individual if you see large gaps, excess grouting or ill-fitted tiles.

  • Don’t buy the tile yourself

Allow your installer to make a tile choice as he has more knowledge. When you let your installed handle the tile, it will become his responsibility to deal with the materials.

So always call the professionals. Consider these tips when you hire a tile installer for your project next time for better results. Don’t forget to share your experience with the installer with digital wall tiles India suppliers in comment section below!

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