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DIY wall tile serving tray as a new add-on to your kitchen

Timber and acrylic plastic are traditional materials used for manufacturing various kitchen items like cutting board, chop board, serving trays, etc. Today, kitchen wall tiles India suppliers bring this DIY project for you with which you can prepare a unique serving tray and cheese board using leftover tile. This is a brilliant concept to use unwanted tiles with creativity skills. Let’s get started!

Things required for cheese board –

  • Ceramic tile
  • Glue gun
  • Vinyl bumper
  • Fine sand paper
  • Two drawer pulls
  • Clear Craft adhesive


  1. Take your glue gun, stick vinyl bumpers to the back four corners of the tile
  • Though the bumpers have sticky backs, they will stick better. For strong bonding, you can use glue gun.
  1. Measure the midpoint of both short ends and do marking
  2. Gently use sand paper and rough the drawer pull part that will lay down over the tile as it help the glue to stick to the handle
  3. Place the drawer pull where you want it to fix over the tile and use marker to trace the outline from inside
  4. Take the adhesive glue and use it on the outline
  5. Place the pull over the glue and let it dry for 48 hours.
  6. It’s done!

This same tutorial will work for making serving trays as well. You can be choosy for the type of pulls you want to put on the tile. Ceramic tile is waterproof, so even if it gets stained, you can clean it with soap and water. There are more benefits of ceramic tiles-

  • Easy in maintenance

Ceramic tiles are maintenance free. You just need to clean them like simple water and for stains removal- a little amount of liquid soap will do the great job.

  • Adaptability

You just need to be creative with ceramic tiles. These are super adaptable and can be used in kitchens, dining room, and bathrooms.

  • Cost effective

Ceramic tiles are cost effective as they need minimum maintenance. If you are making any DIY project with them, you will get amazing result at the end.

  • Durable

Ceramic tiles are durable and decorative. You can use it to make a fancy pot, decorate mirrors, and even experiment more.

If you try this tutorial, do share your experience with kitchen wall tiles India suppliers. For extra information about maintenance and care of ceramic tile, ask experts.

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