Understanding The Composition of Alloy Steel Castings

Steel castings are important in most of the hardware manufacturing industries. They form most of the basic parts used in assembling the hardware machinery. Casting involves a molding process of the metal into required shapes. Cast materials by default have special characteristics like aerodynamic structure and inbuilt strength. These factors make cast materials a requirement for all hardware purposes.

Composition Of Alloy Steel Casting

Alloys always have a special place when it comes to the usage of metals. Combination of metals definitely proves fruitful with special characters as the combination from both the metals. Desired qualities of different metals are pooled to form better materials than existing ones. Even castings find a good use of metals in all means. Steel being the highly used metal in most of the castings, also facilitates benefits as alloy steel castings to provide efficient use of its qualities.

Among all the steel alloys possible, carbon alloys are in greater demand and also the carbon alloy steel castings are mostly used in the casting industry. The amount of carbon added to iron in steel formation is changed according to needs and any other metal based on the requirement is added in forming the alloys.

These alloys are then used in making the castings. When normal steel strength is needed and the features like temperature resistance and electrical properties are general we do not go for alloys. It is only when additional features are needed that we will need to use alloy steel castings.

Castings made from steel alloys sport some special characters like harden ability, more strength and ordinary temperatures, increased strength at extreme temperatures, increased wear resistance, tamper proofing, corrosion resistance, better magnetic properties etc.

All these properties make the alloy steel material more desirable than ordinary steel castings. And generally at places where castings are used in extreme physical conditions, alloy steel can be the best option.

Alloy steel castings can be made from different steel alloys. Every alloy shows a special strength of its own depending on the metals and materials involved.

Even though steel is the major component in all these alloys, the tiny quantities of other metals make the changes in properties to a greater extent. Castech Foundry uses alloy steel material to make up some of the following steel alloys like carbide steels, nickel steels, chromium steels, magnesium steels, manganese steels, molybdenum steels, tungsten steels and vanadium and silicon steels.

An improvement in the steels being used for alloy steel castings is always seen. It is common to have more and more distinct requirements everyday in the hardware industry. Even though there are a large number of products available the properties like size, chemistry, volume, resistance etc. become specific at various places of use and alloy steel castings are always in development and discovery.

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