How To Get Diverter Valves For Pneumatic Conveying System?

Visiting the manufacturing outlet to get the best diverter valves for the pneumatic conveying system is what everyone does. Picking a diverter valve for the pneumatic conveying system is difficult, especially when you consider how many diverter valves are on the market.

You can make the right product selection by considering its design, maintenance costs, smooth functioning, and efficiency in total. These are the outlined factors you need to consider to pick the proper functioning diverter valve for the system.

Before deciding which valve you should pick for your system, you have several considerations- the application type, conveying system type, valve cost, material type and features, and valve options.

Let’s start with the application type. Most diverter valves or two-way diverter valves and components convey material from one source to two destinations. In some applications, this valve is installed backward in the line to transport material from two sources to one specific location.

When the valve is used for such a purpose, it is called a two-way converger valve. Next is conveying system type. The valve choice completely relies on your pneumatic conveying system.

Either it is dilute- or dense-phase and operates in vacuum or under pressure. You need to ensure that the valve you pick should be potential enough to operate under conveying phase and at your system pressure or vacuum.

Material features are what you need to consider next. What is the particle size and abrasiveness? What is the texture?

Larger particles can jam between the internal components of the diverter, which further prevents the valve from fully closing off the certain downstream conveying line(s). Smaller particles can become packed between the system’s internal parts, binding the diverter, or passing the material into a closed line.

Cost is the other thing to consider. What are the shipping, installation and maintenance costs, repairing costs, and other costs? You can determine the costs and performance-related costs by simply asking for information from users already using similar diverter valves in their system.

These are some basic ways to find reliable diverter valves manufacturer for your pneumatic system like a pro.

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