Yoga: Essential Clothing and Accessories

Yoga: Essential Clothing and Accessories

The significance of Yoga practices are widely recognized by people all over the world. Though many people do yoga as a tool for body fitness, it is actually meant for your physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Like in any other form of physical exercise, wearing the right kind of clothes and using the proper accessories is of prime importance in Yoga as well.

Irrespective of the kind of yoga you are doing, your clothing and accessories that you use should fit your requirements

The prime concern here is, while doing yoga your body must be able move freely without restrictions through asanas. Usually you have to be careful about wearing loose fitting and breathable fabric preferably cotton.

5 Yoga Essential Clothing and Accessories

As certain poses of yoga are for toning your physic as well as enhancing flexibility, it is important to use the right yoga accessories as well which permit you to stretch.

You can invest on the following clothing and accessories before starting a yoga session:

1. Comfortable Tops

While choosing a top for yoga you should be careful that it should stay in place while doing a variety of inversions and other movements.

It is advisable to go for loose fitting cotton from tops over fitted inner ware or sports vests from Cotton Yarn Exporter India.

Always remember to avoid buttons, underwire, belts and anything that can get caught on the mat or poke you while doing asanas.

2. A Pair of Yoga Pants

You need to choose a pair of pants preferably of lightweight material and can stretch due to the various stretching postures in yoga.

You can choose from a pair of full pants, three /fourth pants or a comfortable pair of shorts or even a pair of leggings.

3. A Yoga Mat

It is essential to invest on a well-supported mat before starting your yoga practice. Depending on your health condition and flexibility you can choose either a thick mat or a thin one. If you have week knees or need support while sitting then it is better to go for a thicker mat.

If you haven’t purchased a yoga mat yet, you can find lots of options by searching online sites or directly getting in touch with some of the leading yoga mats manufacturers in India.

4. A Yoga Bag for the Mat

You need to buy a bag for your mat as well so that you can carry it comfortably. You can either go for a bag or a mat strap which helps to keep your mat tidy.

5. A Headband or a Hair Tie

You can use either a headband or a hair tie to avoid your hair from falling on your face and forehead while exercising.

The simple rule you have to remember is that your clothes or accessories should not come as a hindrance between you and your yoga practice.

As you tend to sweat while doing yoga it is advisable to keep your body clean and clothes odor free. Always wear your most comfortable clothes and enjoy yoga in its fullness.

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