Remanufacturing Of Transformers Vs Repairing

Transformers are among the expensive assets used by industries in an electrical system. Usually, the replacement of a transformer costs more than transformer repair services.

To compensate for the cost, manufacturers bring the option of remanufacturing or restoring the transformers. Remanufacturing of transformers is the replacement of faulty parts and pieces of equipment.

Repairing services offered by Power Transformers Manufacturers India for distinct customers have resources, expert personnel, and equipment to get the transformer unit back in service instantly.

How do manufacturers commence the process?

Transformer manufacturers start with the assessment of the transformer. They perform various tests and inspections to find all the defects in the unit. Once the defects are recognized, they start fixing them one by one.

They replace your transformer oil if it is very contaminated. They replace any broken part of the unit and use genuine components made with quality materials. New windings and components are readily available at OEM’s store for installation. You can source these components and install them once the unit is dismantled.

Companies operate the unit throughout their system regardless of location. Remanufacturing of transformers avoids the failure impact before its occurrence and expands the lifecycle of the transformer at a low cost and time.

Remanufacturing is different from repairing. If you have a transformer and it is not working, you can take it to the manufacturer’s facility. Their experts will diagnose the entire unit and perform desired tests to avail the unit’s report. If you want to enhance any functionality, you can do it with the help of experts. This is remanufacturing.

If they replace the damaged component and install the brand new or well-maintained used component to your unit, this process is known as repairing because they just installed the faulty part to your unit to make it function again.

Repairing the transformer includes working on its original electrical, mechanical, and thermal design. Whereas restoration or remanufacturing is different, you cannot take repairing as a light matter.

Repairing involves, but is not limited to, rewinding of coils, tap changer work, bushing replacement, re-gasket, installing relays, etc.

Remanufacturing changes a unit’s electrical, mechanical, and thermal design. It includes, but is not limited to, re-designing of the coils to enhance kV, MVA, core modifications, etc.

You can ask the manufacturers and suppliers online for more updates on transformer repairing and remanufacturing. They will share extra information about the subject.

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