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How To Choose Natural Yoga Mats for Your Yoga Practice?

Yoga movement and meditation must happen in a serene and relaxing space in order to be fulfilling.

With a wide variety of options and EVA yoga mats manufacturers, natural yoga mats will keep your body and mind in harmony while doing strenuous yoga poses enhancing your yoga experience.

Cotton Yoga Mats

A favorite among yoga practitioners, cotton yoga mats from Cotton Yarn Exporter India, are usually made of unbleached, natural cotton shell.

Most cotton yoga mats are stuffed with 8 pounds of pure, natural, untreated cotton batting which provides a safe and comfortable surface. Cotton yoga mats feature a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying to your yoga class.

Most included ties strategically attached to the mat for easy roll up and storage – perfect for travelers. Cotton yoga mats weigh anywhere from 8 lbs. to 15 lbs.

Jute Yoga Mats

If you want to be environmentally responsible when practicing yoga, then we recommend using one of the natural yoga mats made from renewable resources.

An eco-friendly alternative for your yoga practice, these yoga mats are usually made of jute, an earthy, natural vegetable biodegradable fiber. It is constructed by meshing jute fibers with a phthalate-free plastic thus is safe for the environment.

This type of yoga mat is soft and light weight; most jute mats features an excellent grip, non-skid rubber bottom, ideal for all types of flooring. The mat is durable however hand washing is recommended to extend the mat’s life span.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

The majority of natural rubber mats you’ll find on the market are made of open cell rubber derived from rubber trees. These mats offer excellent traction, even when wet from perspiration.

They are generally thicker, denser and tougher than standard mats providing a solid, non-slip platform for sweaty practices such as Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Power or any Vinyasa style yoga workouts. Natural rubber is a renewable resource made from rubber trees.

It doesn’t contain any ozone depleting substances and is biodegradable. Rubber mat designs are latex-free and machine washable.

Organic Hemp Yoga Mats

Hemp yoga mats are ideal for people who are allergic to rubber. These hand-woven yoga mats are made from organic European hemp, which are produced sans any chemical.

The mats wound with tight hemp yarns and offer a comfortable and calming surface for yoga exercise. Compared to the regular or natural rubber yoga mats, hemp mats are generally thinner.

However, you can fold it a few times to get the desired thickness. Last but not the least, these organic hemp yoga mats are perfect for traveling yoga enthusiasts as they can be folded and rolled so easily before putting it your bag.

The essence of yoga is harmony unity with one’s self and the world around us. Start your yoga workout now with a synthetic-free, chemical-free and eco-friendly natural yoga mats.

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