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Best Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Companies In India

Diabetes is the most widely discussed disease in the world, particularly in India. According to a WHO fact sheet on diabetes, excessive blood sugar causes an estimated 3.5 million deaths per year. Oral antidiabetic medications and insulin antidiabetic drugs make up the diabetic drug market.

Cardiac Diabetes is a chronic disorder in which the body cannot control blood glucose levels, leading to heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, and amputations, among other complications.

According to the statistics, drugs for chronic and sub-chronic disorders increased by 10% and 10.8%, respectively. As a result of this ratio, the pharmaceutical industry for Chronic Diabetes businesses has exploded.

If you’re considering investing in the cardiac diabetic pharma PCD, you’ve come to the perfect place.

I’ve compiled a list of the Top Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Companies in India that provide high-quality cardiac diabetic pharmaceutical pharma franchises.

  1. Ambit Bio Medix

The organization is one of India’s top and best Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Companies. It is committed to improving the healthcare industry’s quality by offering the greatest pharmaceutical items for distribution and franchise.

They have received ISO 9001:2008 certification. Ambit’s team provides a comprehensive range of goods, including the Cardiac and diabetic pharma PCD company portfolio. In PCD Company, they make items compliant with industry standards and approved by the industry and antidiabetic medicines.

In an advanced and highly competitive worldwide industry, their well-built business units spanning multiple locations give them a competitive advantage. This enables them to provide low-cost medication to people all around the country. Ambit Bio Medix has a dedicated cardio diabetic division with a large selection of cardiac diabetic goods.

Products they have

  • Remust-10
  • Remust-20
  • L-Dus-50
  • Atrom-10
  • Atrom-20
  • Nozit-2.5
  • Nozit-5
  • Triclay-20
  • Triclay-35 SR
  • Clopitus-75 etc.
  1. Corazon

Corazon has extensive experience with heart diabetes drugs and formulations. They have the newest chemicals to our markets as quickly as possible, ensuring a steady supply.

The development team and regulatory department ensure that customers have access to the most up-to-date products. Through its cardiac product portfolio, the company has gained valuable brand marketing knowledge in emerging regions.

They collaborate with distributors to expedite, grow, and prolong the product life cycles of cardiac medications on a strategic and programmatic level. They concentrate on new drug generations, which allows them to go up the value chain in marketing and, as a result, enhance revenue from product sales.

Their cardiac range includes

  • CORAVAS-10
  • CORAVAS-20
  • CORAVOG 0.2
  • CORCONT 2.6
  • CORCONT 6.4 Tablet
  • CORAVOG 0.3
  • CORAVOG-GM1Tablet
  • MOLD-5 Tablet
  • MOLD-AT Tablet etc.
  1. Kenriz Care

Kenriz Care is a well-established Cardiac Diabetic Products Franchise Pharmaceutical Company dedicated to developing a wide range of high-quality finished medications. This allows us to maintain and improve our good supply record with our customers. The firm manufactures a wide range of cardiac, nutraceutical, and dietetic products/medicines, among other things.

Along with flawless quality products, they also provide you best  Franchise companies of diabetic products.

While strongly acknowledging that quality assurance is important, they have prepared a separate department dedicated to providing maximum quality assurance in their drug ranges. The company manufacture a huge range of Cardio Diabetic drugs with combinations of high-quality composition drugs like

  • Amlodipine
  • Atenolol
  • Carvedilol
  • Glimepiride
  • Metformin
  • Glumate – 1
  • Glumate – P1
  • Ambchip- A
  • Ambchip – H
  • Carken-6.25
  • Chinvas-20 etc
  1. Vasolife Health Care

Vasolife Healthcare is an ISO 9001-certified company and a Top cardiac and diabetic pharma producing PCD Franchise. The company produces a comprehensive range of cardiovascular and diabetes medications. They provide cardiac and diabetic pharma PCD franchises with high-quality cardiac pharma formulations at extremely low prices.

Vasolife Healthcare provides pharmaceutical formulations that are antidiabetic heart disease.

They have a wide choice of antidiabetic medications for diabetes one and diabetes 2 phases of the disease and people with heart problems and other ailments. Vasolife has the following things for you.

  • angiotensin II receptor antagonist
  • Sulfonylurea antidiabetic medicines
  • Oral hypoglycemics
  • Calcium channel blockers
  • Vasoglim-1
  • Vasogliz-M
  • Vyogoes 0.2
  1. HertisAlvidia:

HertisAlvidia was founded in 2012 and is a leading pharma firm in India for cardiac and diabetes medications. Their products are prepared under the rigorous supervision of pharmaceutical experts. All of the items are made in an ISO/GMP-certified facility. In India, HertisAlvidia is a branch of AlvidBiocare, a renowned pharmaceutical company.

The company delivers high-quality cardiac diabetic medications. The investment plans are legitimate, and we guarantee you the company’s complete assistance.

Cardiac product ranges include:

  • MYGLIP 20
  • MYGLIP M 500
  • ANGITRUST 6.4 etc.
  1. Seer Biotech

Seer Biotech is a pharmaceutical firm with a diverse product line that includes Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Dry Syrups, Injectables, Ointments, and Protein Powders.

All items will be made in a Schedule M-compliant manufacturing unit that follows GMP guidelines. SEER Biotech fully equips our Business Associates with the marketing and promotional support they need to confront the difficulties of market competition.

Products include:

  • BPSER-5 Tabs.
  • BPSER-AT Tabs.
  • JEEMET-1 Tabs.
  • JEEMET-2 Tabs.
  • SEVAST-10 Tabs.
  • SEVAST-20 Tabs.
  1. Zubit Lifecare:

Zubit LifeCare was founded in 2001 and is a major pharmaceutical company.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is home to this industry. The company is a crisil rated GMP-ISO 9001 certified enterprise. Zubit has a recognized formulation manufacturing facility for capsules, oral and external liquids, beta-lactam ointments, tablets, and other general and nutritional products.

Zubit Life Care has expanded its service to practically every corner of India by adding new distributors and agents for its pharmaceutical products on a franchise pharma company basis across the country. The company is inviting new distributors, franchisees, and diabetic pharma PCDs.

Their products include

  • Zepine-5 Amlodipine 5 mg Tablet
  • Zepine-AT Amlodipine 5 mg & Atenolol 50 mg Tablet
  • Zirvas-1 0 etc.
  1. Life Care Formulations

Lifecare Formulation is an ISO-certified pharmaceutical company producing a wide range of Cardiac Diabetic products covering all pathologies of disease and forms. As the name says, they are engaged in producing ethical quality products following GMP and WHO guidelines facilitating humankind’s wellness.

Lifecare Formulation is a Cardiac Diabetic Pcd Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat,



Parties interested in a Pharma Franchise of the Cardiac Diabetic Range on a Monopoly Basis with Top Cardiac Diabetic Pharma PCD Companies In Ahmedabad/Third Party Manufacturers Of Cardiac Diabetic Products are welcome to contact them.

  • Prazocare-X
  • Prazocare-XL 5
  • MethzimTrimethazidine 35mg
  • Biscare-2.5
  • Biscare-5
  • Ranolife 500
  • Vedil 3.125
  • Vedil 6.25
  • Trelol-AM
  • Trelol XR-25 etc.


Based on the current state of the Indian diabetes market, the western region is thought to be the largest diabetes market. Furthermore, the eastern and northern regions are expanding, making India’s diabetes market the second largest globally.

As a result, getting a diabetic pharma PCD from one of India’s Top Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Companies and moving into the pharma field is profitable.

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